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Shoulder measurements please?
I was very surprised to read all of the negative comments about the AM's. I bought a pair of dark brown suede chukkas more than 2 years ago now, and they were, at one point, worn more than any other shoe in my rotation. They were comfortable, and I never had a problem with them. Probably because they didn't coat as much as my other shoes, I wore them through rain and didn't pamper them as much. After all that, they still look good (if a bit nappy), and they're still...
Any fabric left to let out the sleeves?
Thanks! I'll try that next time. Appreciate the compliment and advice!
This is from my post today on instagram. I do love casual Fridays.
Joel,   Haven't been logged in for a while and look at what I've missed!  That polo suede is gorgeous!  if you ever come across another one, let me know Joel!   bump for the seller!  great shoes and great prices!
that....or 10.5
 no size for me!
do you have anything OTC?
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