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Started out yesterday with a quartz Tag, then took it up a notch or two. Sorry the moon phase is incorrect. It's my least favorite feature.  
Some say these are the finest RTW oxfords made. While I get misty-eyed over fine leather and old world techniques we can't find here in the US, I'm not certain they are different/better than ed green and church's costing half as much. Anyone owned both? No qualms about buying over the internet as long as return policy is friendly. However I think these would break in slowly at infrequent events. I'd need a good fit and instant love to keep...
In the first scene of the movie "The Girlfriend Experience" there is a wonderful striped shirt with French cuffs.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  The movie is a visual feast.
I'm 6 feet tall 180# with unfortunately skinny legs.  I like a little extra room in the gonadal region.  41 years old so no bling or ridiculous pocket stitching. Are these the jeans I'm looking for?
  Yes I figured I'd be looking at multiple trips and weeks to months, which is a significant problem, depending on how I get along with my lady friend in Bristol...   RLBL seems a good idea.  I'll look for a midwest shop. I don't mind paying a bit more for a mere label as long as the staff take care of me and there are good alterations in house.   Truth told I'd pay $10k for a "perfect" suit, but as pointed out there are pitfalls and I'm not ready for that.   I didn't get...
At the bespoke point, what kind of info should I be bringing to the tailor?  I figured they measure, cut, remeasure, alter, and it's go time. Do they ask if you dress left or right, what kind of break you want on the shoe, what kind of dancing you do?     So BG more experience wearing and viewing, altering and feeling suits under $1000 during various activities, various climates would serve me well, correct?
Thanks gents.  I'm over 28 and have never had a "high end" suit.  My budget is flexibile for at least one suit and I'm glad to hear one can go bespoke near that price range.    I've been planning a trip to the UK.  Great timing.   Is this the man?
I'm 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, 8 inch drop. 10 inch drop if I drink less beer ...ahem... I'm looking for a suit or two versatile enough to interview in or wear to wedding reception / nightclub. I'm pale, living in the northern USA, with hazel eyes and brown hair. I'd like to have navy and gray. Something between j crew and tom Hugo Boss or Canali? Including shoes, shirt, belt, and tie I would prefer to spend $2-4k. Thanks
Hello everyone,   I'm from Illinois originally but move around the midwest a lot.  I wear jeans too often.  But I can stop anytime I want, just like beer.   Trying for a niche that remains elusive, I cleaned the slate and ditched my True Religion and RnR.  I'm 6' 175#, reasonably fit and now thinking Diesel and Armani jeans would be a bit more subtle and still pop.  I live in a rural area but would like to have a complete wardrobe for travel and local...
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