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Two items still elusive after multiple physical store and on line searches:   Air force or steel blue wool trousers of high quality, flat front no cuff.  I think these would look incredible with brown brogue boots or on weekends, even sneakers.  I also like to wear ACNE black derbies to work, though I do need to avoid the "bus driver" look with those colors.    Thigh length brown leather coat.  Shearling lined, must have waist and wrist cuffs as I get really cold...
Hi Pete. I just ordered my first APCs. High hopes. Welcome. -Jon
I'm afraid it has not been worth it. Be ambitious but just for a few years, then get married and keep your head down. There may be no tomorrow, or none worth waiting for.
A shearling coat. Simple, heavy, dark and a bit edgy, green maybe. USA or european made. Under $2k. thanks.
Briefly off topic: I'm afraid of guns too. It hasn't stopped me from taking several concealed carry classes and owning numerous DAO autopistols. However, I concluded that at this time, it is too much responsibility, I don't want to carry much. I am probably moving to IL, the only ridiculous state in our union with no issue of civilian CCL. Only the bad guys and sparse police are packing. What's that saying? God made man and woman, colonel colt made them equal. Guns...
Understood, and thank you. Given it is reasonably water resistant and steel not gold, my hope is that I won't damage it but neither will I have to think about protecting it. I don't know whether annual calendars are more delicate than other Nautilus iterations, or whether they are all now tougher than in the past. $1-2k every five or six years is not far off, that's what I was quoted for routine maintenance. I use my kobold, sub, quartz tag, or even g shock for abusive...
What do you do for a living?
After much contemplation, I traded my 5146 for a Nautilus annual. Overpriced, but what else is so durable, useful, masculine? Perhaps only the sub. Had to pay near list but happy. Came from Tourneau Chicago. Looks better from a distance, but growing on me. I put it on rubber since I wash my hands a lot and summers are hot here. Don't laugh at my small wrist!  
I have a black western I love. Probably worth it only because I wouldn't know where to get one similar.
Pretty excited about the PP Nautilus Annual on a steel bracelet. Ref 5726.   I have no original pics but hope to see one in person Saturday. What I want is an annual calender watch durable enough for daily use and minimal immersion.  Obviously $47k is a committment for most of us. Ouch.  I will try to trade a 5146 on leather.    Am I stuck paying full price in the US for this new model? Is there another steel annual suitable for daily wear?    Thank you
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