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I agree.
Recently back from USA trip and didn't find it inspiring on the bespoke shoemakers choice, partly due to my lack of research and limited time but have looked more on the web and just picked the odd pictures I found to show how varied bespoke work can be.I make no comment as to what is good or not ,probably better qualified folk around to do that , A selection of what is around. Bespoke hand work is as varied as all other crafts or disciplines and prices are I think...
How much of your work is fully hand stitched and finished, do many of your customers opt for the semi handmade option. All the makers I have used ( 3 ) make a fully handmade product but I suppose this is reflected in the price it seems a shame to not fully handmake such a unique product.
Is that an usual combination machine forepart and hand done waist ? I don't mean any disrespect to Mr Templeman he is a great craftsman but you are the main maker on SF and seem to have more knowledge than anyone else because you have been in the trade for so long.
No, the french calf jodphurs are the subject of my remarks. Mr Templeman's work is very nice but he's a novice compared to you. The boots just have a look to them that stands out.
Could be the finest work seen on SF a masterful job. Handstitched soles at 12 to the inch maybe ? is there a seat wheel, hard to see on the photo. All made with traditional techniques and materials ,wonderful.
Prices vary a great deal, £3000 would be a good guess but taxes will inflate this I looked into Perry Ercolino and he says he measures and then sends them to England to have the lasts made which I'm not keen on I would rather the measurer made the lasts Thanks for the info.
Visiting east coast USA soon. Any good shoemakers to visit or should I stick with european makers.I will be based in NY but can travel. Are prices on a par with UK /europe.
I found it interesting to see some of the shoes on this site, some look reasonable but others are truely awful.Jon Gray's work looks better than most.
You did quote my post,and I only referred to hand welting so I am just being accurate about what I said not what you think I said.
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