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I found it interesting to see some of the shoes on this site, some look reasonable but others are truely awful.Jon Gray's work looks better than most.
You did quote my post,and I only referred to hand welting so I am just being accurate about what I said not what you think I said.
DW my post referred to the use of natural fibre for hand welting not for upper construction,dont read what is not there.
I did mention its use in handwelting only, and only to illustrate that with the best will in the world a modern shoemaker would be hard pushed to reproduce work as fine as the 'old school' and that things have changed in even the more traditional pursuits.I believe most of the shoemakers in UK and Europe still use natural fibre but they may have to change in the future
A fitting model is pretty unusual here in UK ,They normally fit with the welt sewn in or 'braced ' over.John Lobb in Paris do use fitter models and John Lobb London no fitting at all so its a very varied way people seem to get that sought after fit. By the way DW that is a first, you saying I am right about something , wonders never cease.
I believe there is a lady shoemaker in Europe ( Florence ? ) That makes some shoes using hand closing to quite a high standard.Such fine closing as in 1840's would be almost impossible today as the tools and materials are no longer avaiilable.Even today some makers use synthetic threads In their hand welting instead of original natural fibres .
I 'm not sure how well that works.The shoemakers I have dealt with are very particular about how the measures are taken, in fact the lastmaker I spoke to wasn't keen to make lasts using other workers measures.You also said that you really fit yourself making comments back to the maker ,surely the maker needs to see the shoe on the foot and make his ajustments based on what he sees.Once the shoe is fully made there is little room for ajustments.I don't doubt Jon Gray as a...
Have I got this right, He makes a fitter from measurements he took personally, then sends to you .Then you try it out and comment on the fit.Then he may ajust the last and make the final shoe to a fitting stage or all the way thro ? sorry if I am being slow I just want to understand the process.
Good point Fritzl, that is going to be relevant I'm sure.
Don't forget that G&G also make bespoke, not in the price range covered in this thread but by comparing a few photos of some of the better known makers to some of the $1000 makers might give you an idea of differences.Leather quality is not easily judged by the layman, all makers will tell you they use the best leathers and most will do their best but will have to work within a tight budget on a $1000 pair.Fit will also vary between makers ,and the maker I used said with...
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