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I just grabbed this off eBay and I love it, but its quite dirty. I want it cleaned but the leather cleaning places I've talked to seem to think cleaning means dying it as well.   Is it unrealistic to think I could clean while keeping the color fades and wear intact so as to maintain a vintage look/feel? The jacket also needs the inside right sleeve (along the bicep) re-sewn. That seems simple (no pun), is it?     sleeve:  
  i wear an 11.5D in Red Wing Beckmans and Moc Toe 6 inchers and the 11.5D White's is the best fitting boot i've owned.
Anyone have a picture of the stitch on a replaced zipper on a leather jacket?
@onimpulse these might be the best looking pair of whites i've seen. WELL DONE SIR. BRAVO.
Got my CXLs back from the cobbler's so, pic as promised:) time to wear the absolute hell out of them. he added a front half sole, vibram something or other.  
pix of these?
very nice, dude. post wear pix as you break em in.
i suspect this will be one of those seemingly simple issues but in actuality becomes an infuriating fiasco.
I just noticed this on my CXL D Pocket Schott/Context collab. The guiding rod on the left side has slipped off. Can something be attached right in there? I called a few luggage places where no one spoke english and was told i needed a whole new zipper. I'd prefer not sending it back to Schott for a total zipper replacement - but will if i have to.   Anyone have a jacket with the zipper replaced by schott or vanson? I'd like to see what the stitch looks like...    
very sharp, sir. how long have you been rocking these?
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