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 good call all around, tks any others?
hi, like the subject said, just dusted off these from the back of the closet:     they look OK with raw denim. oxblood is tricky tho, any pix or ideas?
what do you guys think of this? its on p&b  
hey sorry for the late reply. alerts were going to my spam folder.   anyway, im somewhat oddly proportioned. im 6 foot 2, 250 pounds, but only have a 32 inch inseam and a true- 37 inch waist (wear mostly 36s, they're always a little loose). i say 'only' because, while 36 is by no means small, most people in the 250 pound range are much more  'obese' looking (i think). nurses usually eyeball me at 210ish. this is both flattering and occasionally really, really...
thanks for the vote of confidence:)
i like this jacket a lot, though, not sure if i like it on me...thoughts?  
i know, right? i do the mental gymnastics and tell myself i won't buy leather made AFTER the date i went vegan. so far, i'm cool. im into vintage stuff anyway.   point of clarification: looks tight as in looks too snug or looks tight in the colloquialisms of young-folk and it looks alright/good? isn't it suppose to be kinda snug?
i have three, including this one, because i just parted ways with one of those ubiquitous PRL lambskin jackets in brown. i recently went vegan and have been dropping weight and that particular jacket was getting a little big. ones kinda thrashy and i basically only wear it out when im doing band/music stuff and the other is a pretty traditional black bomber from FC. kinda cheap, but i feel OK wearing it in the rain and such.   i've been looking for something brownish...
i love the attitude of this jacket and the fact its fairly bold for what you see out in seattle. im not sure if its too short - it seems to meet what ive been told are the styles fit:  it sits along my hip bones and flares a bit when open. that being said, i havent a lot of experience with these types of jacket and wouldnt be surprised if its too snug. naturally, when my arms lift above my shoulders or i bend over it rides up a bit. this seems to tell me its too small...
i like the attitude of this leather jacket but am unsure if its too small for me. i know these kind of motorcycle/aviator cuts aren't suppose to much past your hip bones. should i keep it? sell it for something more traditional? i already have a black schott perfecto that i dig. the per2. in the back it  reaches the bottom of my belt. finding matching shoes has been a bother as well.  
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