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this was such a hit when you got it. why the sell?
The assumption that quality goes down when bigger companies take over. Like when CBS ransacked Fender, or Norlin wrecked Gibson, for you guitar minded people.   I just landed my first pair of Whites. The quality BOGGLES MY MIND. People compliment me on them all the time. 
 all the enfilelds i see for sale have a diagnol breast pocket, whereas this one appears to have a flatly horizontal pocket which i prefer. is this custom? older? what's the story here?
they look like POWs.
not sure i follow
anyone know insoles for non-white's that mimic arch-ease? these feelamazing
i think you're right. i saw a pair of bisons with the light tan laces and thought it looked nice - but maybe a bit dressier than i'm looking for. 
trying to decide between these two laces. thoughts? i typically wear them with a brown cxl schott d pocket.  
I thought maybe the guy claiming the 30s designation might have been misreading a "vintage reissue" tag or something, but even the design seems more 70s to me. We discussed the sketchiness and saw the bidding was low enough that he'd be fine with it under any circumstance. 
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