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 I just treated my first pair of beckmans with Montana's - as i live in seattle and water proofing is a top priority. i have saphir graisse and venetian shoe cream, though, can i condition my leathers with those after the montana's? or is mixing the treatments a recipe for disaster? i'm pretty newb at boot stuff. tks.
this is obscene. 
Bought these new at Blue Owl with my dividend and they just don't fit right. Too late to return.   Fit snugger than you'd think. I'm usually a 36 in a straight cut or slightly tapered denim. The rise is just too low for me.      In Seattle, will ship CONUS. Paypal only. New to selling here but check me on eBay for user history: Boontronix. Pix are stock from Blue Owl but mine still have the tags. Never worn out. Tried on once or...
 good call all around, tks any others?
hi, like the subject said, just dusted off these from the back of the closet:     they look OK with raw denim. oxblood is tricky tho, any pix or ideas?
what do you guys think of this? its on p&b  
hey sorry for the late reply. alerts were going to my spam folder.   anyway, im somewhat oddly proportioned. im 6 foot 2, 250 pounds, but only have a 32 inch inseam and a true- 37 inch waist (wear mostly 36s, they're always a little loose). i say 'only' because, while 36 is by no means small, most people in the 250 pound range are much more  'obese' looking (i think). nurses usually eyeball me at 210ish. this is both flattering and occasionally really, really...
thanks for the vote of confidence:)
i like this jacket a lot, though, not sure if i like it on me...thoughts?  
i know, right? i do the mental gymnastics and tell myself i won't buy leather made AFTER the date i went vegan. so far, i'm cool. im into vintage stuff anyway.   point of clarification: looks tight as in looks too snug or looks tight in the colloquialisms of young-folk and it looks alright/good? isn't it suppose to be kinda snug?
New Posts  All Forums: