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Hey guys, what is your opinion on how slim fitting chinos should fit vs how jeans should fit?   Should they fit similarly or should jeans be a little longer for stacking, while chinos having a clean break at your ankle? thoughts?
Does anyone here wear 1 inch wide leather belts with jeans?   I purchased a 1 inch wide brown leather belt from levi's a few days ago, and I'm liking the way it looks. Sleeker, and doesn't have that huge buckle I'm normally accustomed to. Are belts this thin generally worn with casual jeans? Or are they only for dressier occassions?
Do you guys stack your chinos?
not sure if its all in my head but I feel like it's getting bigger lol.. maybe i'm just OCD
played basketball in them a few times.. that's probably why
yeah, but honestly I could never see myself using a sewing machine. I'll be too afraid to mess up my jeans
  Interesting. Is this the fabric glue you are talking about? may buy
Oh lord. My deep indigo WG's which I have been wearing religiously for 6months are already blowing out. Been walking around with a small unnoticeable blowout for 2 weeks now. What do? I don't live in the US so there aren't any places that repair raw denim. Was planning to soak/wash them in a bathtub around this time but not sure if that will make the blow out worse. Should i still wash/soak? attempt to repair myself (mind you I have no experience in sewing) or just do...
Hey does anyone have any idea if N&F jeans stop bleeding onto other clothing after a while of wear? Been wearing my deep indigos for a week and they still bleed crazy.   Also, anyone get a wedgie in your crotch after sitting down and standing up? happens to me everytime I sit down, have to pull the pants down again lol. Not sure if I am wearing my jeans too high, I pull them down a bit before sitting down and I still get this problem. I'm suspecting it's cause my...
Thats reassuring. As long as my crotch can breathe. .. as for the pockets, meh I never liked pocket fades anyway
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