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Alright, i'm looking to spend about $100 (or less) on a new pair of jeans. I prefer a very dark blue wash that will take a long time to fade. I'm not a fan of "skinny" jeans but i am a slender man so they should be on the slim side. Levi's 511's are the skinniest jeans i'll wear. The other day I tried on a pair of joe's jeans in the brixton fit that i liked if that gives you a better idea of the fit i'm going for. Right now all my jeans are levi's with a couple pairs...
oh, i'm also strongly considering the taupe suede. how is the taupe different from the brown suede? anyone have any side by side pics?
Hey i'm about to purchase size 11.5 boots (most likely from amazon) and i was wondering if i could get some advice on what color to get. I'm torn between beeswax bushacres and suede oakwood original desert boots . I want to be able to wear them around town and at work. I wear dark blue jeans and gray chinos/cords almost exclusively. I'm worried about whether or not the oakwood would go with my gray chinos and if they might not be the best color to wear daily. Any thoughts?
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