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I would also like to take these.
 Not being a first time customer but I can only agree with Katt. AFPOS current offerings are very attractive and the customer service is excellent. I was lucky enough to get ahold of the last pair of Charlton in 7 UK F. 
Eyecandy indeed 
What's the ordervalue one must have reached in order to be concidered to be a loyal, valued customer? And hence receive the addressed discount.   Asking in all curiousity.
 Interesting. Could you provide measurements of your feet? I have been thinking of ordering the same size and width but I've been recommended going larger. I want to get it 'right' if I am to order directly from Australia. Custom width (F) is only available through MTO from the australian sites in my experience.
 Excuse me for asking but what do you mean by "forum specials?" Is there a Styleforum discount if one orders from Bootsonline?
 I'd like to second the statement in bold. 
What are the various models going for on the EG sale?
 Pictures already! On a side-note; what do you guys think of the different versions of stitching? And what are they called? I prefer the latter because I perceive the soles to be too huge on i.e. the Belgraves.
 Ssshhhhh, shaddap. I was going to lay my hands on at least one more pair. I have not yet received my first pair though so I can't make a judgement on wether what you state is true. By the way; did they deliever the shoes all the way to your door? Or were shoes left at a postal office?
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