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Looking for cheap Wayfarer, but not quit ebay cheap..Buy or not? other recs under $60?
My large slim measures 21" p2p straight out of the box
I got the white slim fit oxford large delivered today (to replace the medium that didn't fit) I did also take the medium back out of the box before sending it back to take the pit to pit measurements it was just shy of 19" pit to pit.  The large I got today measures about 21" pit to pit and seems to fit much better overall no pulling anywhere not tight nor loose anywhere.  Again my measurements are 5'10" 38" chest 163 pounds, normally mediums aren't a problem for me. ...
Thanks for the info/fit pit Trig..what's the pit to pit on your shirt?  When I searched this thread I seen most where reporting 21.5" p2p  I decided to unbox the shirt again and take a p2p measurement and it was about 18.5" laying flat stretched about 19" I'm wondering now if it's just a mislabeled small.  New order with the large will be here Friday.
I just got the slim fit oxford in medium today, didn't fit, I wish I would of thought to take a tape and measure it before boxing it back up...I'm 5'10" 163 pounds in-between a 33 - 34" waist  and 38" chest.  The shirt buttoned, except for the bottom button was pretty snug and if I moved my arms it pulled at the button holes.  I guess I'm going to try a large slim fit and see what that's like.
Opinions on the Bolle Damone in tort  I know they mostly make sports glasses, but these are more of a classic wayfarer design.  I'm wanting a cheap pair of wayfarers but not eBay cheap, tried that route and they went straight to the trash.
Ordered a slim white OCBD in medium..not sure what to expect fit wise (5'10 163pounds)  .been wearing the J.crew sunwashed ocbd in medium and it's pretty loose fitting which for Summer I don't mind.
  O yea I know, I'm not faulting them at all, especially with there sale prices..just curious if the Madras run that much bigger and I should go to a Medium (searched this thread before asking seems they run bigger then there other shirts).  With Summer coming I don't mind loose just don't want anything comically huge. If returning wasn't such a huge PITA I'd order M and L,  but there isn't a Sears within at least an hour from where I live.
Wondering about the sizing on the Madras, I'm normally between a medium and a large in most brands, 41" chest. During last weeks sale I got the Shawl Collar Cardigan in Medium it fits about perfect, I also ordered a couple Oxford shirts in Large, they fit fine in the shoulders/neck/ chest but the body is pretty baggy. I also ordered a Chambray in Large but haven't gotten that order yet.
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