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The 1.8 takes great photos and is going to be more than good enough for any non-professional. The build quality isn't great, though.
Akang, what boots in the last one?
Holy fuck that is incredible mr zapatiste I hope you bought the robe
Does the dye in the lining coming off fade after time? Because my ann sneakers are literally dying my feet, no matter how thick the socks I wear are. It's pretty gross.
How soft/scratchy is BEE? waiting for mine in the post.  Think it'll be a little small for my liking but not uncomfortably so, but if anyone has a V they'd want to trade for a IV then send me a PM
yipjam, what's the coat?
And another, $1500 USD   So fucking good.
Dude, it's cheaper to custom order, you gotta drop your price more if you want anyone to buy
And then there was this
Oh that's amazing
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