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This thread needs to be more active.                    
Add me to the list. Is anywhere else stocking it but maas and stacks? I swear this version looks different to E0d... something something's Not as good even?
Someone convince me it would be stupid to get a suede MDR in England where it rains all the fucking time.
That looks really great, KG. The only thing I would do is roll, not fold the pants, maybe roll them a little higher or just let them fall. But I'm just being picky. Great stuff.
I'm pretty sure a cold wash and hang dry will be fine, it's just a cotton shirt... Don't take my word for it though
Where are the paisley trousers being sold? Have only seen them in short form, would love to pick them up and wear them as a suit with my jacket
Why you teasing us all with the constant semi-fitpics dude Go full body 
Would kill for that floral. Sev/Fishbones message me if they don't work out? (assuming you both got an S)
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