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I kind of want to overdye my EG paisley baker with navy dye. Would this be a terrible idea? Would the pattern survive?
Prime Lenses > Zoom lenses.   the 50mm f/1.8 is a great lens for the price, but any prime lenses will tend to give you better quality pictures than kit/zoom ones.
Not that big lol. Just big enough to make most pants very uncomfortable. I know what a belt is, I just don't like wearing them. and I'd rather not have to pay to tailor all my pants, was just looking for a nice OTR pair of pants I could try. I've heard zamb pants have roomy top blocks, toasty or any other big thigher, would you reccommend?
How in the hell do people with massive thighs find pants that look good on them  I get the right waist measurement and my thighs are bursting out of most pants, I get the right size for my thighs and they're constantly falling down... Can anyone rec me a good pair of trousers that are navy, roomy top block, sharp taper, with elasticated waist, if possible?
Istasi that is fucking incredible. Think i'm going to go look for a place to buy those border trousers.
Except that louis ck sketch wasn't racist... and racism... isn't... funny?
alternatively just post the fucking fit
That first picture is phenomenal, love the way the old waterline on the trees forms a sort of second horizon. Your camera is good. What is your camera?
Will they be posted in this thread?
If you need to wear something under it, wear a tee with a lower neck or a tank, just looks bad. and yeah. different jeans that fit looser in the thighs. The two Dana Lee pieces are  though
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