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Or survive solely off ramen for a few months and not buy anything to save for some Guidi 992s   (I think I know what the answer's going to be, but those MOMAs actually look pretty nice so I am tempted.)
Can anyone who owns the deep round neck T-shirt in either small or medium provide me with measurements of it's length? Don't want to have to order two sizes and deal with returning stuff to COS again...
An Ervell classic. Beautiful cardigan, double slant pockets, crazy soft pima cotton, shawl collar, brass snaps, used but no noticeable defects, great condition.   Just a little too short for me, but I've been in denial about it because I really don't want to let this one go.   Would also be willing to trade for the same model in any colour in size M   Price includes shipping to the EU, US will cost a little extra, inquire within.   Pictures shamefully...
I can only comment on the loose summer crews but they're pretty long, M is just a bit over 30" iirc.
T you are always on point, and then I reach the shoes.  Maybe I just don't get them. They do look comfy.
sheer jersey loose summer crew is their best imo a good tee
It's really something else seeing them in real life versus having prints of them, the prints are usually pretty lifeless, completely different experience.
Cole, that's your grandpa? Fucking awesome. Sent you a PM.
Yeah, I've been meaning to try the majority of those designers (Damir/Silent especially) so I guess I'll just keep an eye out on B&S/Y!JP. I got these pants from COS recently, yet to arrive but they look like they'll work nicely.  
Ideally, yeah, but the 50mm is about half the price, and does a damn good job, really great entry level lens.
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