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I kopped the blue. Will now proceed to starve self for brown guidi 992s in cordovan cont. Or White kangaroo. Or horse. AHH.
Stop making my decision so hard y'all  I don't see why blue shoes should be any less wearable than blue anything else. I don't want a dozen black/brown shoes.
Blue is good. I don't really get why navy shoes are so frowned upon.
Okay so I'm set on a pair of MOMAs but now this other pair has come up and I am stuck  which pair 
Half a size too small 
In black it's a little less seethrough, I've worn it without a tank...
Wait, what's DIY about the Uniqlo SP? Plz explain, it looks rad.
R.I.P Kodachrome 
Maybe I'll get both 
I have done, but it normally takes them a long while to respond, so I figured posting here might get a quicker response
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