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Blue is good. I don't really get why navy shoes are so frowned upon.
Okay so I'm set on a pair of MOMAs but now this other pair has come up and I am stuck  which pair 
Half a size too small 
In black it's a little less seethrough, I've worn it without a tank...
Wait, what's DIY about the Uniqlo SP? Plz explain, it looks rad.
R.I.P Kodachrome 
Maybe I'll get both 
I have done, but it normally takes them a long while to respond, so I figured posting here might get a quicker response
Or survive solely off ramen for a few months and not buy anything to save for some Guidi 992s   (I think I know what the answer's going to be, but those MOMAs actually look pretty nice so I am tempted.)
Can anyone who owns the deep round neck T-shirt in either small or medium provide me with measurements of it's length? Don't want to have to order two sizes and deal with returning stuff to COS again...
New Posts  All Forums: