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You should really try posting in the yohji thread for this!   but for the yohji pieces, use the following codes to help identify which season they're from:  
Dude... look with your eyes
That would... probably have been a sensible idea
Nothing really, I'm moving house and packing loads of shit, caught my shoe in something and ripped a part of the sole away from the... main shoe bit, tripped over, ripped pants.  They'r enot broken. Just distressed. 
Ripped a pair of ann pants and half ruined my favourite shoes today I need to take better care of my clothes 
The richard is rad, go for it.
There's a lot of things on and a few japanese stockists, yes, but I can't recall them off the top of my head.
Damn Wurm
the 1st picture of the boot was just for colour reference, there's no doubt i'm going for a 992. I've narrowed it down to the dark gray reverse stag or the first pair in horse that I posted, I guess I'll sleep on it.
About to place an order for a pair of 992s but as usual indecision is taking over. I'm leaning towards reverse stag in 903t, dark grey sort of colour, similar to this  But a pair in horse is also tempting me, either bone or dusty brown sort of colour     and then the third option is reverse kangaroo      which to get?   Also, I haven't seen much about stag leather in this thread, can anyone comment on it compared to the others?
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