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Those Jil boots for $90?! you dudes are crazy someone buy those
I'd say go for it, what the heck, if it's what you want to spend your money on and it'll make you feel great then buy it. And if you do grow out of it, TOJs have excellent resale value... it's probably better than buying a shit ton of cheap clothes that you'll just have to throw away.   I'm only a year older so I'm in the same boat buying expensive clothes, but I can't really walk around feeling half decent in stuff I don't enjoy wearing, so I gotta treat myself 
  Baldessari is a fuckin genius. Also a baller. I think it's time for this to be posted again.  
"To talk about paintings is not only difficult but perhaps pointless too. You can only express in words what words are capable of expressing— what language can communicate. Painting has nothing to do with that." - Richter
Spacepope's is like Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World x Burger King. So great, man.
An interview with the man. Can anyone who speaks dutch roughly translate any of it?
Eh, gonna voice the unpopular opinion and say that derk's polo is just... bad. And doesn't really fit with the bottom half (which is awesome) at all.
Yeah, I'm between a 46 and 48 and went with a 48, the fit is great in general, maybe a little tight in the upper calves, it was just the twisting that's tricky. Kind of limits your range of motion. Why it gotta look so cool.
Zam DNA jeans.   I have pretty big legs from cycling, but I can normally wear fairly slim pants. They took me like 10 minutes to get on lol. They look rad tho.
Are twisted leg jeans always uncomfy as hell or am I... doing it wrong?
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