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Really great posts here, glad to see this thread getting more attention.   This interview with Luca Laurini has really changed the whole way I look at clothing, art and a whole load of other stuff recently, he has such a great way of designing:   Would kop if sidezips fit with my style at all, these look awesome.
While I agree with 90% of what you said, the basis of this forum IS rampant consumerism, whether we like it or not. It's a fashion forum and that's what we tend to visit here to post/read about; well dressed people, great clothes, etc.   That being said your posts bring a breath of fresh air to this thread and the forum, but I think it's kind of stupid to be getting fed up of rampant consumerism on a forum that is centred around that very thing.
SPAAAAACEPOOOOOOPEEE   is the silent piece the bag? would like to see more detailed pictures of that
Eh. I figure it's better than no posts at all, I don't see why not.
Can someone translate this for me?   ホース(裏)   should be a leather material from guidi i.e. horse/soft horse/kangaroo etc.    Google translate is giving me Hose (back) which I'm assuming is reverse horse, but I could do with some confirmation.    
Will pay good monies If anyone has it in any other colours I'd be interested too, but black is ideal.
I kopped what I wanted so thought I would let all you guys know - Great Silent Damir Doma sale on at
The fabric is awesome but yeah, looks like a tiny person's jacket
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