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While I agree with 90% of what you said, the basis of this forum IS rampant consumerism, whether we like it or not. It's a fashion forum and that's what we tend to visit here to post/read about; well dressed people, great clothes, etc.   That being said your posts bring a breath of fresh air to this thread and the forum, but I think it's kind of stupid to be getting fed up of rampant consumerism on a forum that is centred around that very thing.
SPAAAAACEPOOOOOOPEEE   is the silent piece the bag? would like to see more detailed pictures of that
Eh. I figure it's better than no posts at all, I don't see why not.
Can someone translate this for me?   ホース(裏)   should be a leather material from guidi i.e. horse/soft horse/kangaroo etc.    Google translate is giving me Hose (back) which I'm assuming is reverse horse, but I could do with some confirmation.    
Will pay good monies If anyone has it in any other colours I'd be interested too, but black is ideal.
I kopped what I wanted so thought I would let all you guys know - Great Silent Damir Doma sale on at cocosa.com   https://www.cocosa.com/sale/?sid=17846&catid=Men
The fabric is awesome but yeah, looks like a tiny person's jacket
Those Jil boots for $90?! you dudes are crazy someone buy those
I'd say go for it, what the heck, if it's what you want to spend your money on and it'll make you feel great then buy it. And if you do grow out of it, TOJs have excellent resale value... it's probably better than buying a shit ton of cheap clothes that you'll just have to throw away.   I'm only a year older so I'm in the same boat buying expensive clothes, but I can't really walk around feeling half decent in stuff I don't enjoy wearing, so I gotta treat myself 
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