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The place where you work is wasteful as fuck...
I was going to get a pair of 992s but I saw a pair of 994s that I fell in love with, White/light greyish, cordovan, really beautiful. And they were a great price so I went for it. Still want a pair of 992s though  felt the reverse stag leather at vertice and it was incredible, so that'll be what I get my 992s in.
The last boot I'm not a fan of, but the derbies look beautiful.   In other news, went to DSM today to try on some guidi to get my size right for the pre-order, ended up impulse buying a pair there instead. Oops.
Don't see what's so bad about the marsell...
Art, are the pants flight pants or silent?  that all looks great
Let's not have the tick conversation again   Figured my 1000th post would be as good a time as ever for a waywt - feeling very lesamourai today -     [[SPOILER]]   GBS/tee/Zam/Docs
Really great posts here, glad to see this thread getting more attention.   This interview with Luca Laurini has really changed the whole way I look at clothing, art and a whole load of other stuff recently, he has such a great way of designing:    
http://www.styleforum.net/t/348625/mmm-mainline-sidezips-dark-brown-size-42/0_50   Would kop if sidezips fit with my style at all, these look awesome.
While I agree with 90% of what you said, the basis of this forum IS rampant consumerism, whether we like it or not. It's a fashion forum and that's what we tend to visit here to post/read about; well dressed people, great clothes, etc.   That being said your posts bring a breath of fresh air to this thread and the forum, but I think it's kind of stupid to be getting fed up of rampant consumerism on a forum that is centred around that very thing.
SPAAAAACEPOOOOOOPEEE   is the silent piece the bag? would like to see more detailed pictures of that
New Posts  All Forums: