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He said those are the slim fit pants. The slim fit jackets pair up with the regular fit pants, not slim fit. Well, a couple colors do at least.
That's the deposit, which is 50% of the full price
Purchased from the sample sale, just don't fit me. Original listing here: $65 shipped (plus fees) in the US The color is listed as concrete and the back picture is the most accurate of the color. Grey with maybe the slightest hint of a brown. Zipped leg opening, zipped back pockets, drawstring waist. 50/50 cotton/polyester. Measurements as follows. The fabric, especially the waist, does stretch...
I placed on order last Sunday (25th) and it just shipped out this past Sunday. They must be a little backed up. 
  I have the Bumholt pant and the tag only says made in Europe. The quality seems fine although I've only had them for 4-5 months and didn't pay near retail. 
I have both the UU and Soulland and they are a bit different. UU are softer and more of a lounge pant while (in my opinion) the Soulland's are better to wear out, being a heavier cotton twill if I remember correctly.    I believe there is a poster who does a free Uniqlo UK webstore proxy as well if you decide to go that route. 
I'll take your word for it. Still a poor college student so my experience with the more high quality stuff is pretty limited. Honestly posting it in here was almost me asking for a reason not to buy them.   In Brown. Anyone have any experience with or an opinion on the brand?    I'm looking for a fairly plain, low profile brown boot. Ideally I'd just get MMM side zips but the budget won't really allow for it. They'll be ~215 with the additional 15% off. 
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