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mad lulz
I can only guess which song 
DC and Tobias are the best new membas.
DC should win this . 
Uniqlo. I had to size up due to the length of the jacket. Now I just wear it as is with a t shirt and jeans
I believe I have the same jacket. But it is a bit big on me
Hiw many times have I mentioned tge timeless classic thing? I adressed it once as a response and another time as a joke to canta's post while you and jester have pestered numerous threads about this issue. It isn't like I am the only one that told you guys to drop it.So yes... if you feel like these competitions ae irrelvant to you... you can kindly bounce out.
please do. 
thank you for posting that.  I mean goodness gracious   HEre are the last few challenges Crazy Shoe Unusually Colored Shirt Wear a hat without looking like a fool Grey Odd Jacket Game Match Summer Suit Challenge Solid Style   There has been a consitent mix of conservative/classic challenges. If you couldn't find at least two of these to participate in then maybe you take it up with your closet and not the challenges. 
Not sure if that will make a good tie. I hope my statement doesn't cause a meltdown. 
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