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I'M down to meeting up. PM me if you would like to.
Westpoint. Please use spoilers...   and never recommend a gold tie in any hue... 
Every performer on the vmas so far is wearing a knockoff black numbered leather jersey.   Faux-Ninja shark jump complete   Coming to a Suburban mall near you. 
Same here. I just wish the ties didn't have a pointy end
I think it actually already is.  I am just glad that I can wear my ties again without sharing the same space with some of these people.  Everyone in SWD that invest in Black clothing... beware... your time of persecution has arrived. 
No offense... but this is terrible. 
I need someone to blame if I indeed go that route
That's what it's looking like
I just want something tha won't die 2 years from now. lol
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