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 yes... yes they do. 
How about a SWD challenge?      Get out your RO Dunks for this one y'all
You are making a case for why SF dislikes yellow ties.  that tie is too bright 
  Nigeria last December.           Labor Day in Murica
SWD has never liked Monks... Never And even if you count Stivhes and I that's still 2 people... Never...
I can't lie... I have a love/hate relationship with Anna Del Russo.      Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch  It would appear that SH holds a view of Foo contrary to the conventional wisdom. The typical knock on him is his perceived obstinacy, but SH sees him as a weathervane. Not sure of the significance of this, but it seemed worth noting. I also believe that SH's view/criticism of Foo is ultimately the same with his other critics. 
  This swatch is a little closer to my shirt. 
after taking a second look at my shit it seems to be much whiter/brighter than the swatch I posted. Would it pass then? 
I see your point. The shirt isn't a brushed cotton though and thought It could pass as a year round shirt. 
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