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It's art bro... a post-HF... get with it.
this rain in NYC is probably gonna force me out of this one :(
I wish some people READ the previous convos beforehand before they comment. Why are some of you taking this literally? Should we not call American Football Football because they mostly use their hands? Why the hell should we call something Rock music when they are no stones involved? why would you call me Black and Canta White when my skin is actually mocha and his is more eggshell than white?
What's with all the boat shoe love? This is style forum not surburbia America!!!
Also D Wade needs a new stylist... none of them shits work...
Tie is the only thing I would change
seems like the Disclosure album has the House (PUN INTENDED) divided.
I usually veer from going bare ankles/sockless in lace up shoes. Loafers on the other hand.. why wouldn't you? I am sure you can guess by now which kind of shoes take space in my closet.
what you meant to say was wearing boat shoes is wrong period? I can roll with that.
ah man you wore the same tie I was going to wear... the same side too. CURSES
New Posts  All Forums: