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Michael York why do you always post fit advice pics in a thread titled WHAT ARE YOU WEARING TODAY?!?!
DNiro is ready for war...
thanks for correcting my swaganese
again read the title of the thread...   no effs given... CORRECTLY   Cant has stated time and again that this thread about dissecting and analyzing why certain fits that shouldn't necessarily work within a certain frame somehow do   It's isn't that complicated guys.   I hope y'all aren't this rigid irl
I couldn't do that... I was in a pwane all day :(
hahah I know...
More so my swag meter... :( I just put on a t shirt and ran outside today to do Post-Imperial work... hmmm. my whole outfit was solid... sooo maybe I will post that bitch in here...
you are Spanish your blood was made for summer.
It's art bro... a post-HF... get with it.
this rain in NYC is probably gonna force me out of this one :(
New Posts  All Forums: