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 Woah woah woahI wasn't being sarcastic at all. I was actually serious. Yeah I was using hyperbole but it was just in fun. I like his fit especially the first one he posted previously. Am I really being accused of being a Classic Menswear zealot?  Where is Caustic Man to list my tirades on CM?oh the irony. 
No I didn'tGreatester is one level higher than greaterWhich means you have broken all kinds of sartorial planes.Ans evar is way more evalasting than everYouGotTheJuiceNowKid
 Yes, I think he actually looks cool. Not sure what is going on with the boner, but that jacket is pretty awesome. So are the shoes. 
Not creepyNot badly dressed
I like that Theis
Dear GettoastyPlease don't crawl into the CM hole.Best regards,T1
Remove the chunky ass belt and replace it with a slim one or none at all and you will have the juice
New Posts  All Forums: