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woaaaaahhhhh   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18091-disclosure-settle/   this reviewer read my mind.
wow   http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18091-disclosure-settle/
ps... what else could it be?!?!? it's actually from a sample from collection III. A 13.5 x13.5 voile cotton hand dyed using the adire process. And yes. it has fringed edges.   tie is protoype of the ties I will be launching this Fall. It's 3" wide silk with fringed edges. I am thinking of going 3.25" though the fabric is in house fabric from the factory that I am working with but I will be using my own fabrics.
your blouse beats my blouse
yeah I like Spalla Camicia as much as the next mc guy.. but come on...    
it's real out chere in these streets yo.
so I wins no medals? :(
I see stitches doesn't want to be the prototypical mc gent byvoring for himself. In which I say Bravo old chap Cheers, Tirailleir the 1st
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