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Edmorel listwning to hell rell? Who r you?
Raf was terrible Umit did the damn thing. so did Prada. She never does wrong.
is there a thread for this season's menswear shows?
that tie...   that tie...   that tie...
I just took my pink shirt to the cleaners. Wont be available until Monday :(
I am fine with the pursuit of dressing the MC way. It is the faux gentleman persona that they think comes with the style that annoys me to no end. People from America's Bible belt should not be saying "bravo" on a regular basis.   oh and the Fashion vs Style debate that they constantly have...
Am I the only one that  notices the fact that Southern Style few sits ago transformed into a Super Saiyan?
what? MC now has a new standard measurement for pocket squares? Post-Imperial will have to adjust accordingly.
New Sam Hober tie? Did you go with the 6 fold this time?
his words Idiot: "you're a hipster if you saw the 3 shades of red painting and thought "omg what amazing art".... you are in love with the name and the idea of the art. the actual picture isn't shit..."   Me: What is your issue? Throwing tags around and not knowing what that shit is? If it was that easy why don't u go make a blue canvas and make millions? Lol at being intimidated by a blue canvas.   idiot: intimidated? that's the thing about you hipsters. if someone...
New Posts  All Forums: