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    Cancun a few weeks ago.
yeah. blame the damn rain.
That I can agree on.   by the way MBDTF is pretty perfect. So Appalled and Monster are great. But yeah alot of times Kanye has issues in the middle of his albums .
HAHAHAHAHAHHA at this post.   NOTHING from either of these guys is neither ok. mild or dull.
Yes he does but not sure what you mean by more fun because I think Black Up  is 10 times better (Possibly the best rap album in the last 10 years) and much more enjoyable for me.     At times Yeezus is a mess, particularly in the middle. It starts of gloriously but then wanes until send it up comes in. I know people are writing think pieces on how these flaws enhance the album but imo you cannot afford to have such flaws with a ten track album,
Of course he was being a jerk. His reaction to calling someone a hipster for liking this is childish (Again people use that word not knowing what the hell it means). Alot of people were not keen to this kind of sound until New Slaves dropped. I know some blind Kanye dick riders who totally dismissed Shabazz Palaces but are not quoting industrial and Acid House (Which in all honesty I cannot hear any type of House in this album) as if Kanye just created these things out...
I am obviously saying this with bias... But Fela is the greatest musician of all time.OFALLTIME
Shabazz Palaces and Blu's No York did this with greater effect. There are a few more artists too who have been playing with this sound for a while now. I like the album but this statement is what I feel jpr is reacting to. Somewhere between the unnecessary hate and the blind dick riding lies the album's true worth.
Edmorel listwning to hell rell? Who r you?
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