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personally I don't give thumbs unless I mean it. 
MF I like the tie. 
you know what...   I have tried to stay clear of this Hirsh situation but she really needs to stop making these types of posts. 
Need to stop by the Guggenheim before this ends.        also interested in this too http://www.guggenheim.org/new-york/exhibitions/on-view/italian-futurism-1909-1944-reconstructing-the-universe
DIdn't put the pants on put they seem to fit quite slim. 
I saw the collection at their showroom in Paris. What I like about the collection is that the clothes look good on anyone.
When did Derek S become a sex pot? 
Seen the collection in person. The pics really doesn't really do it justice. 
I wear my pants pretty high compared to most guys today. If itcompliments the person's style then not power to them
one of my fave designers of all time. 
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