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          Is this really happening? 
um I thought I solved this dilemma?     Ac Milan breh.      We once had a president as our owner.      How many of these other clubs can say that?
AC Milan or MAnchester United. You will not regret it.  (Well maybe Ac Milan. But trust me we have a long tradition of wi-.....)  I sound like a fan of the Dallas Cowboys right now. I should stop. 
All that money for someone who won't play half the year
wtfits  meaning watthefukisthishit?
eh I usually hold it b the brim but I'm ok with that if it happens. At some point my clothes stop being precious to me. 
Last day in Paris         Ran into @berlin report at Cuisse de Grenouille       sup @gdl203  
Last day in Paris         Ran into @berlin report at Cuisse de Grenouille       sup @gdl203  
New Posts  All Forums: