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realized the tie was too long after the pic was taken         
realized the tie was too long after the pic was taken         
 I appreciate androgyny but Iso I do think that your last outfit was no beuno      with that being said, I see some of you are giving Iso a hard time with his fit. Not a problem with that. But I just want us to understand how we should critique his fits. It shouldn't be on normal MC standards per say but rather from the standards of what he is trying to achieve.      Now were is @twinsdad to make us all laugh? 
Gangsta rapper?  How did I miss that one?      someone please link me 
Lululululuululululul    Def Comedy Jams hahahahahahahhahahha
Lila that is alot of cuff buttons man
and mods whatever you do    do  not ban this guy       It has been far too long since MC had a jester. 
  OK then so don't keep posting pics and asking for people's opinions.     and I am sure people are litten up.  At least enough to laugh at you. 
and I don't doubt u get more pussy than I do. I only get one...     from my wife. 
twinsdad is bipolar lulzzzzzzzz
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