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as to what?  Timelss and classic? 
some aspect of it yes... way more ridiculous outfits. 
So is fashion week. And all the Big names have moved on to that. 
ALso a quick point to note.  Tailoring is only one aspect of fashion industry. 
Sartodi, So you consider brands like Church's Cantrelli, Calabrese, Carmina, Edward Green, Mackintosh as demeaning to what you and others in the tailoring business do? Because they all participate at Pitti and there were several other brands like them. I am curious as to what you consider as a demeaning brand. Is it one that only does Off the rack work? Are "humble" brands only defined by the bespoke talirong in your opinion? Also I am not sure you realize this but most of...
Could you notify me as well when you find this? I am trying to be an gangsta rapper and have no background history with drug dealing. Figured I could sell a few oz to build up my street cred and that customs code would go a long way to helping me cut costs.  Best, Tirailleur, Gamtleman crack dealer. 
To be honest there are suits made to go with CCP tornadoes. Its all about aesthetics. You are correct that it would look off on say a suit from Canterelli. I am sure there is someone out there that can possibly pull that combo off but it is rarely advised. That is what I believe is the issue with some people at MC but instead they mix let's say John lobb with denim. Again I am sure there is someone out there that can do it with 110% swag meter but he needs to have mastered...
So we are going to leave out the part where we discussed what a fucboi is and how hos plight affects all of us?
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