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I have a few uncuffed pants and they always fall weird. To me cuffs give an added weight that make the pants fall properly
I wasn't caustic. Neither is everyone in texas. Arnathor seems to find ways to jam all the conservative stereotypes down our throats at any given situation and it was my way of telling him to take a step back. (Which is igent speak for chill the fuck out) notice how you didn't go on a rant like he did? 
I like this alot. 
We get it. You are a righteous conservative that thinks Texas is the center of the world. And that guns solve everything in this world. But for the love of Jesus Christ can we please limit political views/rants on here? This is why we have CE.  I am sure you would be irritated if an obnoxious left winger kept linking our right to choose a tie with pro choice agendas.
you do know that in itself is to a small subset of the internet yes... but his impact still isnt as big as you think. i am interested to seeing what he does thouh. he has great taste.  I don't think Stitches was dismissing their impact on sites like sf. he was just stating that avg internet browsers dont know or care for them. if they did Macys by now would have introduced suits that clothing that is preffered at SF  sorry if thus isnt making too much sense. i type this as...
True it hasn't gone backBut one point to note is that men's warehouse and many of those low budget suit stores are now trying to push "younger" styles with their slim suitsAnother point about Pitti is that it isn't all about suit and tie brands. Many casual and streetwise brands show there as well.
To be fair besides dieworkwear work wear and the armory guys I am not sure the avg Internet browser knows mManton or maomaos contributtons to menswear
Meermin?   hope you get them before the world ends. 
That is everywhere though. Most people are just not very stylish. Yes even in the most stylish cities in the world. 
The right to bear cameras? 
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