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Are we still arguing about this? 
Also @SartodiNapoli my question about going to Pitti wasn't directed to you because you have noted that you have declined numerous invitations. Like I said you have brought up points as to why u hate Pitti which could be valid. There are many aspects of Pitti that I myself don't like. It doesn't matter if I or anyone in here think you are coming off as petty, or jealous, but you do have a dog in this fight. I agree that it is a clownfest, but like most major events in any...
based on Aranthor's track record, it is easy to see why many took his post seriously.
Life is an RPG Fok, I am glad u finally used that item. 
You wouldn't go but you will regularly shit on Pitti threads?    hmmm.. interesting. 
nah. you are more than welcomed to stay.  Just don't understand why you punish yourself.  I personally usually skip Pitti Pics. Because I don't care. I usually check to see if there any brands I like participated, becasue once you have seen pitti pics from one season you have seen them all. They all look the same.  I found myself paying more attnetion this year only because I particpated at Pitti.  Now quick question man.   I know you hate Pitti and all that shit and it is...
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