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.Suga. I myself don't know. lol. Probably arguing about comics or sports. hahah
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via Complex   
Are we still arguing about this? 
Also @SartodiNapoli my question about going to Pitti wasn't directed to you because you have noted that you have declined numerous invitations. Like I said you have brought up points as to why u hate Pitti which could be valid. There are many aspects of Pitti that I myself don't like. It doesn't matter if I or anyone in here think you are coming off as petty, or jealous, but you do have a dog in this fight. I agree that it is a clownfest, but like most major events in any...
based on Aranthor's track record, it is easy to see why many took his post seriously.
Life is an RPG Fok, I am glad u finally used that item. 
You wouldn't go but you will regularly shit on Pitti threads?    hmmm.. interesting. 
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