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World Cup is around the corner...     Team Nigeria... I like our chances... 
  For those interested in purchasing from our previous collection, they are now all on sale at our online store. 
Same here. 
imo the look works better with looser tees. Nothing too constraining. Sometimes the tees i wear are oversized that they are longer than the jacket. As per sweater it all depends on what you pair it with.  Most of the jackets and suits I wear with this look with are very relaxed and unstructured. no padding, no canvassing, NONE!!!
I like that look alot HF. Lately I have been obsessed with wearing blazers/suits with tees and sweaters. Especially crewnecks. 
Im sticking with the foreigners this time     Now who would like me to wire 10 million into their account? 
  Dude. You make it seem like he bashed the outfit. He just stated what he personally would have done differently.
The outfit is boss. But u fugged up breh
I think Stitch deserved the win. Don't think SWD guys undermined the votes. If he had a terrible fit they would not vote for him at all.  
HF glad to hear you got your merchandise!!!
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