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Dude. U just described a style god.
Clags just upped creeplevels in this thread. 
I said classic menswear as we see it in sf
Alright @edmorel I'm nowhere near my laptop so I am going to post my opinion.with typos and grammatical errors I think the issue I have with what is considered "classic" menswear within the walls of sf is that it is a little misleading. Of course alot of who we consider the old guard contributed to building a foundation that many on this forum have followed. But many of their contributions in terms of rules stem from opinions, preferences and idiosyncrasies from said...
@edmorel not sure I agree but I am on my phone at the moment. I will respond as soon as I get on my laptop.
@nicelynice  that was a great aquisition. 
This album (cover included) plays in my head whenever I see Regis' fits  
It's not just kids though.  
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