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man. I hope I will be able to participate
Incorrect. It is actually New Jack City...  Or was it Boyz in the Hood?
yeah I stumbled upon the thread once. IS there any reason why y'all like SF so much? 
I for one roll my eyes when Spectre posts but I think there has been a little bit of overeaction from his last few.  
I give up
it is     10 years from now when things come full circle and the new posters are posting sedate fits, we will have some of you bitching and complaining how in the good ole days we wore challenging patterns.   It is what humans do.
Right because when he was blowing poetic smoke up our asses about the sixties he was only talking about clothes.
My point is that he should contributes in a positive manner instead of constantly talking about how great things used to be. As someone mentioned befote pb likes sedate things. He however does not think there is one point of reaching you goal and neither are there any "good ole days"
you also had laws that discriminated against minorities and the stolen generation amongst other things. What's your point? 
nobody is telling you to change how you dress. We are telling you there are other ways to achieve aesthetics without looking like you. 
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