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Looking forward to the commentary from an MC poster that claims how terrible this is because it doesn't show off her body.  or How she isn't applying Manton's/Classic menswear rules properly.   either would do. They've all given me a good laugh so far. 
and hence why I lulzd
wtf  ok guys...1. This is not a PITTI look 2. If you actually saw the look in real life it would be actually more flattering seeing the pants in motion. 3. "This is no different than those who keep the "wool and cashmere" tag on the sleeve of a $95 men's wearhouse overcoat. It is unfinished, sloppy and ruins a otherwise smashing outfit."     again. Please stop trying to look at these ladies through Manton's eyes. 
JJC.  see as im just pose infront of CNN building. 
i was stating to change wisdom to opinion. 
2 things:1. Your wife alone should no way be a marker in judging women's fits. If that is the case I might as well do the same with art (If I had no knowledge in it) since my brother draws. Unless she is really into fashion and exposes herself to other angles of it.  2. Prevailing SF opinion would best describe what the 99% would disagree with.   :)
      more murica goodness     http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6791535/13-paintings-of-presidents-in-scenes-of-over-the-top-awesomeness
Yo the last few posts have been quality @pingson and caustic the real mvp Lulz
Mc folks hahahaha hahahah It's funny when they try to approach unsopoforic men's fashion without grenadine ties It's Even much funnier when they approach womens Hahahahahahaha
I have a few uncuffed pants and they always fall weird. To me cuffs give an added weight that make the pants fall properly
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