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I'll Pm u
in the same way y are exposed to mens clothing on sf?I would say nor aloT. Especially on the Mc side
Gosh u must be so fuking smart :*
U going to make judgementsI'm a public forum without getting lulzed at it's always best to be informed. So go ahead and make the judgements. I will continue to lulz
Didn't say u can't make judgementsthe same way someone who doesn't watch nfl can make judgements/critiques about Tom Brady. But would look stupid if he did
Yes exactly like that
The problem is that u are comparing complicated brutalist architecture to stuff that isn't really out there. If this was something from Gareth Pugh or Galliano. Fine I would understand the place u r coming from. But the critiques are mostly ignorant in the sense that most of your really don't really have any knowledge on women's fashioN past what your significant other wears. So it's best to take several seats in this situation. It's kind of how I know nothing...
so yeah. Sugar addressed this for me already.
Looking forward to the commentary from an MC poster that claims how terrible this is because it doesn't show off her body.  or How she isn't applying Manton's/Classic menswear rules properly.   either would do. They've all given me a good laugh so far. 
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