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@Caustic Man  I don't know if SWD/CM casual is the right wird (@shoreman1782  is SWD and can pass for CM Casual).  I think the issue is that you kind of look stuff in the pic. compare this to the last pic you posted in the same area. Your fit looked breez and airy. And you looked relaxed. 
that hattttttt (not yours @EFV )
@Caustic Man  another member you might want to look at is @gdl203 He and Parker are one of the first OGs to really get the CM/SWD thing down 
I have to say that this has been the best thread in SF in a long time.      Also like how much info SWD is providing to people who are trying to learn. 
What are the rules in terms of how recent the outfit is?
LAte to the party but about the Dior Homme pic posted.    1. They haven't really done skinny in a long time 2. when they did half of the models they used were 16 yr olds     no grown ass man has the physique of a 16 yr old. Many people our age have realized this and are moving on from wearing skinny suits.    Besides SLP everything on the runway in the last 3 years has gone to oversized and baggy.     The mainstream will soon be flooded with oversized pants. I...
can i wear a t shirt instead?
Also most people don't dress the way you percieve elegance.So how about we call it a stalemate?
I think I answered your question already
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