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You wouldn't go but you will regularly shit on Pitti threads?    hmmm.. interesting. 
nah. you are more than welcomed to stay.  Just don't understand why you punish yourself.  I personally usually skip Pitti Pics. Because I don't care. I usually check to see if there any brands I like participated, becasue once you have seen pitti pics from one season you have seen them all. They all look the same.  I found myself paying more attnetion this year only because I particpated at Pitti.  Now quick question man.   I know you hate Pitti and all that shit and it is...
I don't have an issue with critiques on Pitti.    What I find interesting is that the people who constantly complain about Pitti are the same people every season in these threads. Perhaps expecting some type of timeless and classic change.    Sartodi perhaps I can understand to a degree because he is convinced it makes a mockery of his trade.   Posters like Aranthor tho...    I don't get    It's like Goku hitting his strongest opponent yet with a kamehama and...
nope.  kinda felt sorry for some of them 
And sarto thank u for noting that timeless a d classic is a sham. That was what I trying to get aranthor to see
I dunno if I would be in the tasteful spectrum. Aranthor and sarto would probably beg to differ lol
Aj man the Pitti challenge is making me relive some nightmarish outfits haha
gaddemm Moo. I just realized... that you are not funny. 
So as much as we like to make fun of the clowns at Pitti it is interesting to note that many people do dress normal (according to Forum dress standards) at the show. 
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