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yup twas me. 
Tassels are awe sawm so are morocan slippers But any of these badboys would do        
[[SPOILER]] you just stole my shine   what an a hole. 
SO @gdl203  when will you be announcing my victory?      I have plans and you are holding me back. Like big time. 
what were you banned for? 
@NickPollica   isn't speaking in the video so I doubt you will convince these skeptics
I am going with the full fit option     My ode to summer   These shades tho      This tee tho    Why is this sonuvabitch still available in all sizes?      Cashmoney is an army   What? You thought I, would walk out of the house without a pocket square? LULZ  
          Is this really happening? 
um I thought I solved this dilemma?     Ac Milan breh.      We once had a president as our owner.      How many of these other clubs can say that?
AC Milan or MAnchester United. You will not regret it.  (Well maybe Ac Milan. But trust me we have a long tradition of wi-.....)  I sound like a fan of the Dallas Cowboys right now. I should stop. 
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