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Yes. God Complex is a wonderful EP. He is not the most lyrical guy but he knows how to make songs 
Are you familiar with Goldlink? 
@ter1413  trying to deny Fly LO Hip-Hop mortality.       LEt him be great bro
it is tho. An extension rather. Similar to DJ Shadow's Entroducing.  He is a student of Dilla and you can easily tell. Sure by the time he gets to Cosmo the sound mutates and evolves into something more expansive and cosmic (With more influences) but all in all it still has that Hip-Hop foundation. 
some great years of Hip-Hop since the 2000s  20002004201020122015
Trust me man. The kids today are doing altright, if not better than our generation. They let the Illmatic of their generation (Good Kid) go platinum in a matter of weeks (In an era where platinum albums are rare). our generation failed and waited 10 years to give our money to Illmatic.  You should see what these kids these days can do and the type of knowledge they habe. It is scary. James Murphy's song "I'm Losing My Edge" basically sums up their ability. 
That is a great list.  But I would exchange Operation Doomsday with Madvillainy. That is Doom's magnum opus. 
Have you heard Cosmogramma? 
HEre is the list   Anything in bold letter is a classic    Anything in Bold and Caps is a contender for GOAT list and most likely will become cannon in a few years   Kendrick Lamar Section .80 GOOD KID MAAD CITY TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY     Danny Brown The Hybrid XXX Old   Big Boi Sir Luiscious Left Foot   Freddie Gibbs Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs Cold Day in Hell Pinata   El-P Cancer for Cure   Killer Mike R.A.P. Music     Run The...
And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
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