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fine I won't. *valley girl stare*
I has no white jacket. Only white seercuker :(
I think change the top with a grey tee 
I like that jacket but I not with that fit
Drake is good.    But the beef is so lame. But it is amazing how Meek has thoroly lost the war even though Drake dropped 2 mediocre songs. 
I stopped listening to the radio a long time ago. (Like sr yr in college) Not enough weird rap And suprisingly.. not enough hood shit. 
Like I said. I think his albums can be in both genres. Yes it is more electronic than Hip-Hop but Entroducing is more hip hop than electronic and can still make any electronic album list. 
Oh I know where he is coming from A FB freind of mine on the Drake Meek Mill Beef Beef Level- Yamcha vs Saiberman
Yes it is very close to electronica (His albums could also make a list of greatest electronic albums ever), but so can Entroducing At least that is how I look at it.  Albums that can make both lists Boy in the CornerEntroducingDonutsCOSMOGRAMMA 
Man.. I wanna like that guy. But he is very underwhelming. :(
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