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while i don't particularly agree, i see your point. 
trucker hat? 
the cap works. it is actually a bluer seersucker cap irl
Mr. Claymore is much more charming in person   Crusty is much more wittier in person    Thin White Duke needs to find a way to start taking better pics because his pics don't do his outfits any justice.   Rory looks and talks like a rockstar   Deckard knows hats.       ... and we are all nerds at heart. 
I'm sorry AAS but this is bad. Everything seems washed out, and the items you chose to match heightens this. This is one of them  "come on dawg" outfits
SO I got the Green Camoshita suit.    I was this close to copping way more items but then my wife reminded me that we have two boys on the way in about 6 weeks. 
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