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If he had stated that wide lapels are the current standard (like it or not standards shift all the Time) and not give us some snobbish declaration on why it is the only right I would have gone about my business.Again apologies for the grammatical errors. This time I am typing from an iPad trying to rock my other son
Sometimes reading threads from the cm gives me a headache
WWhat truth? That something as highly subjective as lapel width preference has become a universal truth because Manton and foo say so?I tell u cm folks have ways of convincing themselves that they r not into fashion. No difference than does calling their totes man bags or nurses to keep their per is Ed masculinity intact.
never stated that i dont like skinny lapels. just don't like the one on your previous jacket
actually skinny ....  1. skinny lapels might be in but not lapels that skinny2. skinny lapels are actually on their way out. If you read GQ or any other mainstream fashion magazine they have been pushing for a more standard width. 3. noone has to post a fit in a pubic forum to use as a prereq voice their opinion on what you wear.4. if what I am typing doesnt make sense or is full of grammaitcal errors please forgive me. i have onw twin baby in hand who needs changing
no they won't
Well Greg is.   HAhmmmmmm
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