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The game's all fucked up now.  We can all go home. 
respectfully call b.s. you worked with Bastian.  theend
u my friend have robbed me of my life long dream of using the words et tu brute? 
correction  a big bitch 
Anyway if u want to read more on my thoughts on this issue you can check the thread clags and tira discuss shit
Neither can they with a wide lapel. This idea of classic style in sf is exactly what us is- a percieved classic style within the walls of sf. A wider lapl suit is no less "classic" than a skinny suit from the 60s. Each has an expiration date/cycle that keeps going in and out.Your in ial comment led me to believe that you were stating that all skinny lapels are fashiony. Is was exxagerated. As exaggerated as a 5 inch wide lapel which would look as sillyStill this does not...
ButHe is tho
Not sure I understand what u mean.And yes I am still in Tejas.
If he had stated that wide lapels are the current standard (like it or not standards shift all the Time) and not give us some snobbish declaration on why it is the only right I would have gone about my business.Again apologies for the grammatical errors. This time I am typing from an iPad trying to rock my other son
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