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Also this is a website that carries mainly African designers. They are based mainly in NY but most of their staff is either Nigerian or from the diaspora.  https://oxosi.com/
Besides Polo Avenue, the rest of the stores mentioned carry a ton of Nigerian designers alongside western brands... 
@tugtug great to hear that you are in Nigeria. If you are based in Lagos you should check out these stores   Stranger http://www.strangerlagos.com/ Alara https://www.instagram.com/alaralagos/ Temple Muse http://www.temple-muse.com/brands/ Polo Avenue http://www.pololuxury.com/  Hope this helps. 
There is nothing fashion runway about this.   Outside of Pitti?Yes.  for sure. 
Yes, They are shorter than the average 5 panel cap. 
Ok i want a Niche tee
sup guyz   ​
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