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SF Readers,   I got an email recently from Dash's of Old Town in Alexandria, VA. They're having their trunk show with Luigi Bianchi Mantova is Friday, October 10th thru Sunday, Oct. 12th.   The email says custom made suits and sport coats will be available for off the rack prices during the event. Definitely worth a visit if your in the area. This is a great event that they only put on twice a year!
Letting SF readers know that Dash's of Old Town in Alexandria, VA just kicked off their Half Yearly Summer Sale. It's 50% off all in-stock merchandise.   They carry a lot of Luigi Bianchi suits/ties, LBM 1911 soft jackets, Paul & Shark shirts and more. Just got the email about it the other day, they typically start the sale as a private event for their mailing list. Having shopped there for awhile, I know it's a popular event.
A couple weeks back I posted about a suit special at Dash's of Old Town. Wanted to let any DC area readers know about an email I got today about a special they're running on Paul & Shark and LBM 1911 merchandise. 40% Off all Paul & Shark and 50% Off Your 2nd Paul & Shark item 30% Off LBM 1911 Soft Jackets and Cotton Pants and 40% Off Your 2nd LBM 1911 item. Nice, high quality Summer items. Check them out if you're in the area.
Hi SF readers-   From time to time I see posts about people looking for info on men's suits in Northern Va/DC area. Wanted to chime in in support of a local clothier I've been going to for the past few years named Dash's of Old Town in Alexandria. I try to post some of their specials I see here from time to time and they just sent out a great deal on custom suits/sport coats - 1 suit for $1110 or two for $1900 and sport coats for $850 or two for $1550. Due to the limited...
Love suits with Loro Piana fabrics. Many makers are using LP today, so it's becoming easier to find. You really can't lump them all together either. I have 3 suits all made with different kinds of LP fabric - the more traditional 130s, a New Zealander 150s merino wool and and a super fine 170s and you can really tell the difference in the fabric of the 170s over the 130s.   Most upscale clothiers I've been to lately seem to have LP swatches available.
Curious as to what style forum members do to indicate their fashion interests on sites like facebook, Google+ or Twitter. If I'm looking to connect with people who are interested in and talk about men's suits, latest trends and fashion in general. Any help is much appreciated! -MWP
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