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I think you made the right decision. I bought a too small pair of the cxl ranger mocs (10.5, and I'm a 11 TTS), and they never stretched much. It was just uncomfortable and I finally gave up on them after a couple months. I think it's better to be slightly looser than tight when you have a laced shoe.
 So 6 months later... and the everlane t-shirts are my favorite now :-). Funny how time changes opinions. The shirts  seem to get better with further washings. The stretchiness turns out to be a feature - they shrink in the wash, then mold after wearing, while remaining nice and soft. The neckline still scrunches up, but it's not a big deal to me anymore. My j.crews look worn out after 6 months, yet the everlanes still look good. I've also been messing around with uniqlo's...
You can still get the old style model if you "design your own" jack purcell on the converse website. It costs about $20 more and there are no returns (only exchanges). Also it takes a couple of weeks.
RLH soles are extremely comfortable - lots of cushioning. But I think the camp / deck soles look better for summer and shorts.
  You'll probably get many different opinions on this. But my unlined ranger mocs did not stretch much at all. I'm glad I did not size down or they would be too tight.
I kopped the slim oxford in both M and L to compare. I'm 175/6' and the medium fits pretty much perfectly. The only thing is the shoulders are about half an inch narrow for me, but it's not too noticeable. Fabric is really good for the price, not as thick as more expensive overdyes, but still quite substantial. The navy is killer. I just placed my order for the khaki and olive.
The summer weight chinos are a really great fit. I got the navy and granite pairs in 31 - same size I got for TS denim. It's a little tight in the waist (I'm a 33, and it's 32.5), but perfect everywhere else. They are slim but not too slim, in the thigh area especially (I cycle, so this is usually a problem area for me).   I do wish they were half an inch wider in the waist. Not sure why TS does these half sizes. They work great for denim, but for the chinos it would...
I finally took advantage of the Everlane free shipping and ordered 3 of the crew tees. Out of the box the fabric feels very nice, nicer than J.Crew slim fit tees (if I could find a better tee I would buy it elsewhere, esp. something U.S. made). At first wearing I did not like the fit - chest is too tight compared to the waist, as others have pointed out. However the fabric is super stretchy and the chest loosened up nicely after a few wears. But that stretchiness has its...
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Raw denim will stretch in the waist a lot no matter how much you size down. I suggest wearing a belt if you don't want it to stretch. And washing it will usually return it back to the original waist. Most important in my opinion is getting the thighs right since they won't stretch a lot.   I usually wear 33 waist pants and got the 31 nisshimbo (32.5" waist) and they fit great.
Thought I'd give an update on my ranger mocs, for anyone still thinking about sizing. I got 10Ds based on the sizing chart, which felt way too small. I got them stretched by Rancourt, but it didn't help much. I've worn them a few times, hoping for some stretch, and still too small. So I did the somewhat questionable thing and ordered two pairs of BB ranger mocs in 10.5 and 11D to compare and then return. So the 11D's fit me pretty much perfectly, quite snug out of the...
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