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I just received this today ... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....4680782 I was not so sure, but it looked real EZ and it claimed that it was 15 mil and 15 mil .. and cheap .. Well.. this thing turned out to be a GEM...  As always, beautiful and soft 15mil and 15mil fabric.  Perfect shoulder fit. There are pick stitching (machine) on sleeve, shoulder, chest darts, and back seams.  I have never seen this much of detailing from regular Zegna line. I am very happy with the...
Nice suit. But I have one comment. Your suit seems to have the same issue that I have with most of my OTR suits. From your pics, I can tell there is a break (or kink) between the sleeve head and the sleeve. This tells me that something is little tight around the shoulder area. With me, my top tricepts and shoulders buldge out, so the fit of shoulders are usually tight, causing those breaks that you see.
I think .. what Tokyo Slim is trying to say is .. SF members have bigger penis than AA members .. There I said it ..
I have about 3 Armain ties.  All of them make tiny knot.  The matterial is very soft.  They are better quality then Hugo Boss ties, I think.
AAF is just pain in the ass to use.
Assuming your bespoke suit fits you as well as it can possibly fit, what are the things that you look for to determine whether or not your suit is made to a degree of your satisifaction. I am sort of talking to this local bespoke tailor who can do a suit in price range of Chan, but I am not happy with his workmanship. Honestly, my OTR suits have better looking stitchings around shoulder blade, lapels, and breast pocket. Is this common in bespoke suit unless you pay $4000+?
Quote: Is this suit trust worthy or should i just skip it, i'm in deperate need of a new suit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....me=WDVW This is totally fake. Everything is wrong about this.
Quote: Do you think it wise to commit tax and customs fraud, and, better yet, to publicize your intention to do so? Yes.
I think 3 button rolled into 2 button lapels look really really sharp and timeless. I am very fortunete that I own such styled Brioni sportcoat thanks to naturlaut.
I don't know if Hip Hop guys will wear shoes from Berluti. Most of them won't even know what it is. I do not know Hip Hop stars who wear Attolini or Kiton.
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