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I don't know if Hip Hop guys will wear shoes from Berluti. Most of them won't even know what it is. I do not know Hip Hop stars who wear Attolini or Kiton.
Quote: Good god. What ever happened to the "free" part of the North American Free Trade Agreement? I think that only applies to goods are made in US, Canada, an Mexico.
Unless I ship this item to friendly SF member in US and the member can redirect the item to me w/o paper work .. then duty can disapear
I like stuff at Holt more than Harry. Harry tends to carry more traditional looking stuff. But Holt does not carry Zegna XXX, Brioni, and Kiton. Either way, I feel everything is over priced at both stores. Now on to tailors. Whenever I take my stuff to Holt or Harry for alterations, sales person try to dictate how my clothes should fit. Also, tailors simply won't listen to you. .. This really drives me insane. I now bring all my stuff to place called Classic Fit at...
Does STP use U.S size or ITAL size?
if this is infected pimple, then just apply some anti-bacterial cream. Eat less oily food, eat lots of anti-oxidant food such as grapes and kiwi. Wash your face often.
Is there a way to detect whether or not a tie can make a big knot without trying it on? Current ties won't make big knot for me unless I sacrifies the length. Do you guys have any tricks that can make a big knot with any ties?
if they were only 9.5 ...
I agree with foxx. For suits, you definetly need some distance in between suits. I give my suits about 2-3inches in between. Although this number will get smaller as my suit collection grows .. sigh .. One comment on rotation. I tried to stick with my rotation schdule, but for me, my outfit really reflects on how I feel in that morning. So, I stick with random order, but I do not wear the same suit no more than once in a week.
Son of Brummell, thanks for your comment. I personally would not care about pick stitchings. But what I do care is authenticity of an item. If all Kiton jackets have their linings sewen with pick stitchings then it would be one of the check lists that I would use to determin the authenticity of Kiton suit. I would imagine Kiton would hand pick stitch the linings as Brioni and Attolini's do.
New Posts  All Forums: