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good loooking shoes. if they were my size, i would grab them with no hesitation.
I have agree with Mike F on this one. How could one aquire such a massive quantity of Brioni ties(if they were real) and sell at such a low price point?
who care what people here thinks .. if you like it .. then get it
I am sorry, I have not seen any NBA players look good in sartorial. Michael Jordan sometimes looked good. Have you seen RBK commercial where Jay-Z is suiting up? That DB suit looks pretty good on him.
Little off topic here, but, do Kiton suit jackets have pick stitchings on seams like Attolini's do?
Dr. Koji is probably the best dressed doctor. what an accomplishment.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....12&rd=1 I think this is the best looking kiton suit that I ever seen on eBay. Of course, I cannot tell if this is an authentic Kiton suit or not just from the pics, but so far I have feeling that this looks legit to me. All the measurments surely sound like it's going to fit me like a glove. Is $2000 US too much to pay? I think S150 Kiton suits go as low as about $3200CDN at a Harry Rosen outlet (if you can even find one). So, $2000US is still a...
Perfect suit for night out I think.
Quote: I've noticed that Winners has been getting a fair number of Brioni suits lately.  Which one was this from? BTW, I think the one in Woodbridge had a greenish suit in 44 or 46 if that's your size. Winners? OH MY JESUS F#$KING JUMPING CHRIST.  What's next?  Attolini? BTW, is this Brioni from Harry Rosen? How much was it?
Yeah, lapels need to be narrower.
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