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Quote: Originally Posted by SField They didn't mention like 90% of the good spots in the city. Horrible guide, don't follow. Can you mention few from those 90% of the good spots?
I'm going up to MTL with my girlfriend on Dec 30 and staying there until Jan 1, 09. What are some of nice lounge/clubs to go to? She likes kind of trendy and lounge/club place with euro-electro music (i.e. Tiesto). Any recommendation would be much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Hey guys, I want to learn Korean, however the course at my school only offers second semester Korean... Do you guys have any recommendations as to programs or textbooks that are good? I would opt for programs like Rosetta Stone however 200$ is alot... Thanks! 1) Make some Korean speaking friends if you don't have any. 2) Go to library and borrow some Korean 101 books. 3) Practice simple...
The key to success is to get girl's number ASAP. The more you spend time with her on online, you'll be ending up with nothing. If you played it right and she finds your photo charming then exchange number ASAP; should be done in two or three emails at most. If she is not willing then move on.
Only $1750.00? What a bargin it is ... If it was my taste, I would buy it in a heart beat!
The norvegese contruction shoes from Stefano Branchini shoes are very very fuccin good.. The ones on YOOX are either glued (sports models) or rapid blake made which is pretty good also (should be as good as Santoni organge sock FAM). I like this a lot: http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?sec=1&Y...D&sts=sr_men80
Oh .. I'm interested. Pm sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I would deal with it by ditching the Real Doll and getting a real girl. Clever. But my GF is real girl.
I now feel pressured to talk her (on the phone or in person) because I always have to lead the conversation. She usually has nothing to say. I am pretty creative when it comes to carrying a conversation with chicks but sometimes when I am tired or stressed, I cannot talk. And, when I don't have anything to say, she does not have anything to say, which I find it bit backward and feel pressured to be with her. How do you guys deal with this kind of situation?
Before dive into her lips, place each hand gently on her jaw line; sort of forming Y shape. Then kiss her. While kissing you can play with her ear lobes..
New Posts  All Forums: