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Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN more attractive to you once you find out that they aren't single? Some might think that girls can be more relaxed, hence it may seem flirting to men who are taken. Also, some might think that girls like to test if they can get men who are taken. But in general, we all like hot items and dislike items that have on a shelf for a while...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I know SA makes suits for RLPL. If I contact them, do you think they would send me a purple label to sew in? You're kidding ... right?
Quote: Originally Posted by cairomerta See what I mean Steven Aver. You can give people the wrong impression. Thank you whusurdadi for your post. I appreciate it. But I say once again IT IS A SPORTS COAT!! With all do respect, people are entitled to voice their opinion as long as they don't list competitor's price and whine about the price, which is against forum rule. No?
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant In online dating, women aren't desperate. That may be so .. but I have to say that women on online do have difficulty of meeting men they want to meet in their life.
Yes, I'd say it is. - check if the coat has canvas.
Hotties play with bad boys until they realize to settle down.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField little Portugal and eat one of their amazing slow roasted chickens. The smell on that whole block is divine. What street is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField get west of the Ritz, walk on Sherbrooke heading west. Lovely old posh apartment buildings, beautiful stores and art galleries. The best part of montreal besides old port, and tourists skip this I am having hard time following this direction. I'll be staying in Delta (475 President Kennedy av Montreal), can you tell me address which I can put in Google map so I have better idea on this location?
So, with brown suit: - with pink shade shirts, which colour of ties? - with purple shade shirts, which colour of ties? Thanks!
Guys, I have a nice dark brown with lighter tone of brown stripe suit. But I am not so sure what colour of shirt and tie combination would go well with the suit? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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