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Hotties play with bad boys until they realize to settle down.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField little Portugal and eat one of their amazing slow roasted chickens. The smell on that whole block is divine. What street is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField get west of the Ritz, walk on Sherbrooke heading west. Lovely old posh apartment buildings, beautiful stores and art galleries. The best part of montreal besides old port, and tourists skip this I am having hard time following this direction. I'll be staying in Delta (475 President Kennedy av Montreal), can you tell me address which I can put in Google map so I have better idea on this location?
So, with brown suit: - with pink shade shirts, which colour of ties? - with purple shade shirts, which colour of ties? Thanks!
Guys, I have a nice dark brown with lighter tone of brown stripe suit. But I am not so sure what colour of shirt and tie combination would go well with the suit? Any suggestions? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField They didn't mention like 90% of the good spots in the city. Horrible guide, don't follow. Can you mention few from those 90% of the good spots?
I'm going up to MTL with my girlfriend on Dec 30 and staying there until Jan 1, 09. What are some of nice lounge/clubs to go to? She likes kind of trendy and lounge/club place with euro-electro music (i.e. Tiesto). Any recommendation would be much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Hey guys, I want to learn Korean, however the course at my school only offers second semester Korean... Do you guys have any recommendations as to programs or textbooks that are good? I would opt for programs like Rosetta Stone however 200$ is alot... Thanks! 1) Make some Korean speaking friends if you don't have any. 2) Go to library and borrow some Korean 101 books. 3) Practice simple...
The key to success is to get girl's number ASAP. The more you spend time with her on online, you'll be ending up with nothing. If you played it right and she finds your photo charming then exchange number ASAP; should be done in two or three emails at most. If she is not willing then move on.
Only $1750.00? What a bargin it is ... If it was my taste, I would buy it in a heart beat!
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