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I used to dislike cheese, but I like all kinds of cheese now and as a result, I have gained few extra cheese around my belly.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Clubs are a pretty terrible place to meet women. The music is too loud to hold a conversation, and it's not the best atomsphere for socializing either. Clubs are not for everyone, but where else can you see a room filled with HOT women and you might actually have chance to score with them?
My girlfriend has huge problem with "alright". Whenever I say "alright" to her, she gets pissed.
"I'm like .. "
Quote: Originally Posted by 8-Ball So here's how things went down last night. We picked the girls up and got on the metro to go to DC. Things started off a little slow as everyone was a little shy, but once we got to the restaurant and started drinking at the bar (while waiting to be seated) things loosened up quite a bit. My date and I had a pretty good conversation and actually have a lot in common. At one point I stepped away to use the restroom...
When I fly solo to bar/pub, it feels little odd, but there are always type of places where flying solo feels more acceptable. I am into Salsa dancing and in that community going out alone to Salsa club is totally cool, as long as you know how to dance.
Quote: Originally Posted by flashback I have been involved in the PUA community for about 4 years now - before "the game" brought an insane amount of attention to it. Before that I definitely had low self-esteem & no confidence in myself when it came to women. I always settled for girls who were not as attractive as what I really wanted, because i felt like those were the only types of women I could get. Other than women, my life was pretty well together....
Those of you who buy stuffs from members on this forum, are you really comfortable with sending $xxx - $xxxx dollars to sellers via Paypal, etc? Especially, when a seller has not post much or has not been member for a long time. What do you do so that you're more protected other than using paypal account (if it protect you any ...)
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 I'm actually visiting my girlfriend in Toronto for NYE too and dont want to go clubbing but would like to do something if anyone has any recommendations. Check out Spice on King St. Very trendy restaurant/lounge.
CIRCA is a huge club. It has 3/4 floors and each play different kind of music. If you're into electronic music, your best bet is Guvernment. It's huge and they bring some well know DJs. Also check out places on King st, Century Room is a small club but plays good music. West is also good as well.
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