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- People who don't say thank you when I hold doors (including elevator doors).
I have GF and when I see hotter chicks (when I'm with or w/o her), it kills me by not being able to do anything about it. Do you married guys get this kind of feelings? If so, how do you cope it?
The suit looks old. However, it appears that it has hand picked stitchings. I think it may be real Polo, but it might be made to different standard than current Ralph Lauren Purple Label.
Is she shy? Or she does not believe in PMS? Is she a virgin? Either way, if she feels that she is ready for you she will do it. You need to ask her if she feels that she wants to have sex with you or not. Unless she says no, you have a chance, IMO.
"Dress for you?" This may be true, but would you really care how you dress if you were the only one living on this planet? Deep inside you do care about what others see you as and it influences the way you dress in a way.
leon, Is the coat canvased? Would you be able to post actual pictures of coat that show: 1) inside of coat 2) with top button undone? Thank you
It's so freaking [cold] in this winter .. I need a parka which has a hood. I was looking at this: I want to wear it over just about anything (except for suits, I suppose). Do you guys like it or have you seen any better ones (in terms with more stylish/functional etc)?
I used to dislike cheese, but I like all kinds of cheese now and as a result, I have gained few extra cheese around my belly.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Clubs are a pretty terrible place to meet women. The music is too loud to hold a conversation, and it's not the best atomsphere for socializing either. Clubs are not for everyone, but where else can you see a room filled with HOT women and you might actually have chance to score with them?
My girlfriend has huge problem with "alright". Whenever I say "alright" to her, she gets pissed.
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