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leon, Is the coat canvased? Would you be able to post actual pictures of coat that show: 1) inside of coat 2) with top button undone? Thank you
It's so freaking [cold] in this winter .. I need a parka which has a hood. I was looking at this: http://www.thetannery.com/ProductDet...5434&sid=38028 I want to wear it over just about anything (except for suits, I suppose). Do you guys like it or have you seen any better ones (in terms with more stylish/functional etc)?
I used to dislike cheese, but I like all kinds of cheese now and as a result, I have gained few extra cheese around my belly.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Clubs are a pretty terrible place to meet women. The music is too loud to hold a conversation, and it's not the best atomsphere for socializing either. Clubs are not for everyone, but where else can you see a room filled with HOT women and you might actually have chance to score with them?
My girlfriend has huge problem with "alright". Whenever I say "alright" to her, she gets pissed.
"I'm like .. "
Quote: Originally Posted by 8-Ball So here's how things went down last night. We picked the girls up and got on the metro to go to DC. Things started off a little slow as everyone was a little shy, but once we got to the restaurant and started drinking at the bar (while waiting to be seated) things loosened up quite a bit. My date and I had a pretty good conversation and actually have a lot in common. At one point I stepped away to use the restroom...
When I fly solo to bar/pub, it feels little odd, but there are always type of places where flying solo feels more acceptable. I am into Salsa dancing and in that community going out alone to Salsa club is totally cool, as long as you know how to dance.
Quote: Originally Posted by flashback I have been involved in the PUA community for about 4 years now - before "the game" brought an insane amount of attention to it. Before that I definitely had low self-esteem & no confidence in myself when it came to women. I always settled for girls who were not as attractive as what I really wanted, because i felt like those were the only types of women I could get. Other than women, my life was pretty well together....
Those of you who buy stuffs from members on this forum, are you really comfortable with sending $xxx - $xxxx dollars to sellers via Paypal, etc? Especially, when a seller has not post much or has not been member for a long time. What do you do so that you're more protected other than using paypal account (if it protect you any ...)
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