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After the class, you go up to her and say, "You wanna fight?" Quote: Originally Posted by stylenewbie So I'm currently taking a huge martial arts class in college (at least 60 people) and there's a girl that's caught my eye. Seemed a little young, but I tried to talk to her as we were walking out of the classroom,. all I could manage was "crazy class eh?" (yeah lame I know). She turned back thinking I was talking to somebody else. When I continued to...
Is it safe to take protien powder or any other bodybuilding supplements?
Hey guys, What do you think of these shoes? I am looking for comfy shoes that would go with business-casual look.: http://www.zappos.com/product/7370167/color/37896 I don't really care about the construction of the shoes as long as the soles are not glued. I would appreciate your comment. Thanks.
I noticed that on online dating websites, guys tend to post their worst looking pictures and girls tend to post their best looking pictures.
I live a few meters away from where the event has taken the place. It was a spectacular scene indeed. I don't know how those tamils were able to hold off moving cars in the first place. Luckly no one got killed. I could imagine that if I know my family members are living in a dangerous environment then I too would be worried and probably join such movement. But realistically, Canada does not have military force. Also, given the fact that what's happening around the...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic It's his business to feel the people's pain. +1. This is a big part of being president, IMO.
For student, I would go 1). But I think Holister or American Eagle is more hip than GAP.
It depends on tone of his voice and how he responded to you when he found out what really happened. If he was being blunt then you can dismiss him. Otherwise, I'll let it go.
China town and Kenshinton market has all the groceries that you need for lower price.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek It's easy to do when you are a student. I used to spend that much too, but I don't want roommates and I want a place that's a) big enough to spread out and little b) well-finished. I also have a fair amount of furniture including a big dining table that seats 6. no big screen HDTV?
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