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I need to send the e-gift card tomorrow. I'll check out barneys.
Hi, I would like to send e-gift card to someone who lives in the city of NY. She likes fashionable items so I am thinking of sending $200 gift certificate card from either Saks or Neiman. Is that a good pick or is there another store may offer better selection in that price range? Thank you.
I never thought of doing such a radical thing, but I've signed up for iphone 4g pre-order. I have been wanting for device like this for nearly five years. Iphone 4g has everything I want in a mobile computing device, powerful CPU, multitasking, speedy wifi, razor sharp display, longer battery life, THE BEST web browser (safari just rocks), super cool design, excellent media playback capability, and ability to publish my own apps!!
Quote: Originally Posted by reidd I'm going for the full Neapolitan look with tapered legs with cuff and minimal break. Like this: You want your shoes to have narrow toes as well. Santoni Fette Mano or Crockett Jones shoes will be a good start.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Anyway, most SAs are horrible, but that's also true at holts. I had a really awesome SA. At this point it's hard to justify the pricing for what you get compared to on B&S or a couple of websites. Every time I go to Bloor Harry Rosen location, I enjoy watching female SAs who have big tits and nice ass wearing skirts and making sales by shaking their goodies and while those old men SAs standing around doing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Have any of my fellow Canuks received the new Harry Magazine yet? What is going on with these guys, there is not a single great combo in the entire issue. It looks like crap. They need to change their stylist, seriously. What's with the sweater that guy on the front cover is wearing, it makes him look as if he is too cold. HR fucced up on every single page of the "Harry Style". Did HR purposely...
How much does it cost to get a suit made at TrentTailor?
I find that I wear out rubber part which is the back of leather stacked heels of my dress shoes fast. Can a local cobbler replace that rubber piece without changing the original stacked heel? Does any knows how the process is done? Thanks.
After the class, you go up to her and say, "You wanna fight?" Quote: Originally Posted by stylenewbie So I'm currently taking a huge martial arts class in college (at least 60 people) and there's a girl that's caught my eye. Seemed a little young, but I tried to talk to her as we were walking out of the classroom,. all I could manage was "crazy class eh?" (yeah lame I know). She turned back thinking I was talking to somebody else. When I continued to...
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