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I visited a local store and tried on suit jackets; Havana (40R) and La Spalla (40R and 42R) model. Just give some size reference, I am 5.10" tall, have 43 chest, 34 waist 35 hip (all tape measurements on skin). I typically wear 42R suits and SC. Both Havana and La Spalla 40R jackets fitted me really snug. I felt Havana fitted little tighter than La Spalla. La Spalla jacket had fully canvassed and little to no padding. I was extremely surprised by how well the jacket...
From the store perspective, they will try this and that to justify you should keep your ruined jacket. In reality though, that jacket will unlikely to fit as it was made. Those shoulders look too tight and sleeve heads do not shape like the original TF suit. If you paid for full price, you should demand for brand new jacket.
I also have eye on the royal collection suit from STF. Compare to Isaia suit jacket, does this Borrelli suit jacket have more padding?
I love a simple diver watch, my recent purchase:
Quick question gents. I am thinking about getting these navy shoes from AE: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF7145_1_40000000001_-1_ I plan to wear these with casual trousers, like olive chinos, light washed skinner blue jeans, raw denim skinny jeans (nudie).. What do you think, will they work well? Thanks.
Gents, I was looking for a staple solid dark navy suit for the longest time. Finally I think I found it. I plan to wear this suit on special occasions; interview, evening event (non-black tie), wedding (possibly to my own lol..), and etc. I am not going to mention any brand name nor price as those variables come with bias ... From the design perspective, do you guys think that the suit will fit my bill? My only concern for this suit jacket is the jacket button...
Harry Rosen at Bloor/Bay location has Tom Ford, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Zegna Couture.
Good list, but I think that above list applies to Fall/Winter style.. We (or I) need a separate list for Spring/Summer style.
I know the suit that you bought. I was debating if I should pull the trigger or not, but ended up getting a Zegna DB suit for $900 at a local store. Assuming that OTR Isaia suits fit you, I think $1K for Isaia suit is very good bang for buck (at $1500 is fair price). I don't think there is any downside buying goods from STP, I found that STP has excellent customer services and good return policy. In my limited experience with buying suits, I have not come across $1K -...
The whole suit. Are you talking about my upper back or low back? When I wear the jacket, I feel a gentle snug and does not feel the back of the jacket is being pulled. I will take the suit to my tailor and see what he says.
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