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Just guessing here, is your right shoulder more full or developed than the left? May be tailor thought that you need more room around right shoulder. Or this could be mistake entirely made by your tailor.
The jacket is not long. Actually, it's on boarder line of being short, IMO. You have low right shoulder- creating diagonal lines at the back and bowing out lapel. Do you have the same problems with other OTR jackets that you own? Jacket seams to fit tight around your belly area for some reason; creating X around button closure and pulling at the lower back. I think you may need to choose another cut.
Are you seriously worried about S140 vs S130??? Let's say if it was S130, what would you do then? BTW, I loved the way SA at SS Toronto store provides services so far.
IMO, I see slight pull in the mid section (X crease around the top button). Just wondering how your rear fit looks like. I imagine that you may have rolls around your rear waist area.
I tried to keep my posture neutral, but my shoulder is lower than the right, creating diagonal pull. I think this suit has a OK fit overall, but I think I will pass due to the mess at the back.
This is me wearing La Spalla 40R jacket. I asked SA to take picture of my back because that's where I have most problem with OTR suits. From the front this jacket fitted me really well, but from the back, it did not look very good especially the circled area. SA suggested lowering the collar, but I did not think that would solve the problem as the issue was due to tightness not extra material. I don't want to get 42R because then both jacket and pants will be too big. ...
It could be just the way you stand for the picture pose, but from the front, it looks like you have lower left shoulder creating uneven look; more ripple around left chest than right. Like others said, I think you should shorten the sleeves and lengthen the pants. Also, lower back of the jacket appears to be too tight. If there is extra cloth, may you can ask your tailor to let out seams.
Thanks for the warning. 44 would be very big for me. Although the jacket showed no seam pulling; under arms, shoulders, waist line, and center, but I have not tried the pants. My thighs aren't that big but I would hate to see pant seams get pulled all different directions when I sit or move around. I may go back to store this weekend try the suit again.
I remember that size 40R jacket sleeves hugged my arms and showed natural contours. With 42R jacket, I lost that fine line and definitely needed some trimming around sleeves.
New Posts  All Forums: