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I was thinking about getting the same suit! Regarding the fit, I think you need to go size up.
I've dealt with few different tailors in the past and getting back alterations properly done was luck of draw, imo. This one tailor so called a 'master tailor' really screwed up my Borrelli suit which required back alterations. Prior to that, the same tailor fixed my Isaia suit which needed similar back alterations as the Borrelli suit did and to this date, that Isaia suit fit me the best ...
Try different model. Napoli is the model with most room around shoulders and chest. Try models like Washington, Lazio, or even Sienna. Those models have narrower shoulders and tighter fit than the Napoli.
I have that York blue suit. The colour is dark navy/blue. In the evening, it can appear as black, but during the day, you can tell it's blue. Fabric is little stiffer than other s110 VBC fabric SS suits that I have, but it does drape well though. If you are looking for tad lighter blue, go with this one:http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/napoli-navy-plain/P2778I.html?start=1&cgid=Suits&prefn1=styleFit&prefv1=Classic-NapoliThis fabric is soft and drapes well.
Just guessing here, is your right shoulder more full or developed than the left? May be tailor thought that you need more room around right shoulder. Or this could be mistake entirely made by your tailor.
The jacket is not long. Actually, it's on boarder line of being short, IMO. You have low right shoulder- creating diagonal lines at the back and bowing out lapel. Do you have the same problems with other OTR jackets that you own? Jacket seams to fit tight around your belly area for some reason; creating X around button closure and pulling at the lower back. I think you may need to choose another cut.
Are you seriously worried about S140 vs S130??? Let's say if it was S130, what would you do then? BTW, I loved the way SA at SS Toronto store provides services so far.
IMO, I see slight pull in the mid section (X crease around the top button). Just wondering how your rear fit looks like. I imagine that you may have rolls around your rear waist area.
I tried to keep my posture neutral, but my shoulder is lower than the right, creating diagonal pull. I think this suit has a OK fit overall, but I think I will pass due to the mess at the back.
New Posts  All Forums: