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JH has a satisfaction guarantee....if your suit was less than 12 months old you could have gotten a remake or refund.  I have never heard 18-24 months wear on the suits.  With proper care and normal wear they should last a long time.
No the suits are made in Portugal and all of the fabrics are from Italy...Guabello, Barberis, Lora Piana, etc.  The suits are half canvessed.
TBARTMAN - Really should have returned the pants to get the proper length...2" is too much to be off by!  I have been a JH stylist for over 4 years and only once have I had a client have issues with their fabric on the slacks.  He was a NHL goalie and had large thighs.  Fabric was rubbing and it wore out. Since it was within 1 year they replaced the them.  But he did say they lasted longer than any other pants he had.  Would Nordtrom have replaced your pants?  No they...
That is too bad you did not like your shirt jamesbank.  Any reason you did not return it?  JH has a 100%guarantee - they will remake it for you or refund it.  As far as wrinkles go....most 100% cotton shirts do wrinkle.  Did you know JH has a great selection of 100% cotton non-iron fabric?  Actually the only custom shirts available in non-iron
Randomnoob - hope you will give J. Hilburn a try.  Not sure where you are located but I can help you find a good rep if you like.  Nothing to lose as if you are not satisfied - 100% money back guarantee and plenty to gain!  
Bucho - Sorry the suit did not fit.  I am guessing your JH rep went to a local tailor for the remake since JH does not do alterations.  Since the jackets are personalized not MTM they may require alterations.  Pants are MTM and the shirts are custom.  Bummer that you had a bad experience but hopefully you were refunded.  
Bucho, Just curious how your suit fit...
TheloniusDrunk...I did send you a private message re: suits or sport jackets.   
Customer 1 -    I am a style advisor with J. Hilburn and I am curious if you had your items remade or if you just returned them. Perhaps your SA entered the measurements incorrectly.  I have been with JH since August 2011 and have never had any issues with fit or quality.  I guess the good thing is that JH stands behind their products 100% so no real risk.  I would like to hear how your issues were resolved....thanks!
hi, my name is Deb and I am a relative newbie to the men's fashion arena...although I have bought my husband's clothes for the past 25 years.  I am now a style advisor for J. Hilburn Menswear and want to learn more about men's fashions so I can be the best I can be at selling for JH.  My background is in finance and engineering but my personality is not as cut and dried as my background! 
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