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I was looking to add a pair of Burgundy wingtips to my collection of AE shoes.  I noticed that the McClain in Burgundy Calf is on clearance for $249.00.  However, the McAllister appears to be the most popular AE wingtip.  With this purchase, I will have a complete collection of balmorals that includes Black PA's, Walnut Calf Strands, Brown BB FA's and a Burgundy wingtip shoe.  I wanted to get general opinions of the McClains in Burgundy.
Received my Allen Edmonds PA's from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today.  They were shipped directly from Allen Edmonds.  Inspected them and no issues. 
Good looking collection.  I received the four pair of shoe trees today.  Still waiting on the two shoe racks. 
Would like input from Styleforum members on this one.  I recently purchased a pair of AE Walnut Calf Strands.  Last week I got a chance to visit an AE factory outlet store.  Picked up a pair of Brown Brooks Brothers 5th Ave's for $169 and there were no defects.  I was looking to pick up a pair of Black Park Ave's during the Nordstrom Anny Sale for $220.  However, I noticed the Bruno Magli Maioco oxfords are on sale for $279.  I'm going to pull the trigger on one of the...
Just ordered 4 pair of cedar shoe trees and two cedar shoe racks.  Used the SHIPJULY code and the FATW10 code.  Ended up paying $43 for everything.  Great posts.
  Thought I would add my vehicle to the thread. 
I would have to go with The Wire. 
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