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I'm on the fence with pulling the trigger on a pair of Carson City casual boots.  I've got about an hour before the sale ends.  I wanted to get other SF members opinions on this boot.  Any input is appreciated.
I have 7 pair of AE shoes.  I paid full price for the first pair.  I absolutely wanted all of these shoes and purchased most of them at a discounted price from either AE or Nordstrom.  Not just because they were on sale.  I can think of 2-3 more pair of AE shoes that I've been eying, but I'm patient.  And, its not like I don't have any shoes to wear right now.       Walnut Calf Strand $335 Black Park Ave $219 Brown 5th Ave $219 Merlot McAllister $249 Chili Strand...
FEDEX just delivered my Walnut/Bone Broadstreets.  I'm wanting to give them a nice conditioning and polishing before the maiden voyage.  I need some advice on best practices to care for these. 
  Yes.  Chili Strands on the way.
Does anyone have any information about the Allen Edmonds offering for the upcoming Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  Looking to possibly add another pair of AE's to my rotation. 
I was checking out the Rediscover America sale on the AE Website and eying a pair of Merlot McAllisters for $285.  Are there any other AE sales (or sales by retailers that sell AE) that may have a better price on this shoe?  Was looking at completing my collection with a Burgundy Wingtip and this shoe is perfect.  Also, I noticed the 5th Ave is $229. 
Nordstrom has the AE basic wide belt in Walnut for $62 and the Manistee Belt (Walnut) for $79. I would start there. 
Go ahead and buy the Walnut Calf Strands.  Out of the AE shoes I own, it gets the most compliments. 
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