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I did size up.  I usually wear a 10 in them and I got a 10.5  Perfect fit.  I really thought they were wrong when it said to size up, but they were correct.
I guess I could have clarified more.  It's the brown pair.  I wanted to know the type of construction and see if it was inferior to their normal line.  This is the only pair of shoes I have that is like that.  It looks a little off.  The leather goes straight down into the sole whereas other shoes have a more round appearance before they are sewed onto the sole.   I edited the pictures and added arrows to show where it does it.
Hate to bump   Is this an obvious question or does no one know?
Hi All,   I have some quality concerns on some shoes I just received from Yoox.  They are welted differently than any of my other shoes.  I am by no means an expert so i'm asking for everyone to take a look.  All of my shoes seems to be rounded going into the sole.  These are different.  They kind of just goes into the sole.  I want to make sure the construction is okay and not going to fall apart soon.  At first I thought they were glued and that was my biggest concern,...
I wish to also know because I purchased a coat from them.  Same situation from yoox.  The fabric doesn't seem the best.  It says its 80% wool, 20% polyester.  I can't figure out if that's for waterproofing or because they are going cheap.  Construction seems fine.  My other borrelli jackets seems to be similar in construction.  There is never any handwork on them that I can identify.  Fit is good but seems a bit more trendy than timeless.
I used the lovedreambox on items I didn't have in there and got 20% off.  Saved me $160, score!  But stupid me decided not to buy some sutor mantellassi shoes earlier today I saw.  I guess I didn't realize they were just posted up and sold almost instantly :(  I still managed to snag two pairs, but one is a half size large and the other was in brown and I wanted black.  First world problems...  I now know I need to check yoox more often for sutor's.  They were a great...
Looking for a suit in staple colors.  Let me know what you have.  Will pay a fair price.
Hi,   I'm interested in trying on a suit on San Diego or Orange County.  Is there anywhere that is stocking them?  Or is there anywhere online that has a good selection?   Thanks!
Can you please clarify that.  The bottom two pictures are from the Shop The Finest website.  The top two are from Sartoriale's website(Isaia).  They are pictures of what is currently for sale and what I would buy if I would choose one.  There are multiple Borrelli's for sale on Shop The Finest websites currently in size 40R.  I narrowed it down to that one and also the one Sartorio Napoli. Or are you saying that from the one's i'm showing that Isaia from Sartoriale will...
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