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I had this problem on my otter green zip tote, one of the straps being thicker/stiffer than the other. It was annoying because the softer strap had tons of wrinkles in it straight out of the ups box, while the stiffer strap was smooth as a whistle. And yes, the undersides of the 2 straps had different textures.    I returned it and the vendor sent me a replacement, which had better matched straps (but not perfect, one was still slightly softer than the other).    I...
FlyingLotus, just sent you a PM
this is probably me being OCD but just got a 257 in the mail and it's pretty wrinkled out of the box. Any tips to unwrinkle?  
Hi Liquidus,  For the 256: 25% off the MSRP price or do you mean 25% off the sale price (what you paid)? 
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