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  One of my favorite Youtubers - Check him out.. He made 150K back in the day '10' over a period of 3 months.. He rocks.
Entourage - Yet...There may be a Movie for it - The Seasons ended the way they were meant with a complete on-going endlessness to fame and power..
I think they will pull this off.. They generally never fail..Well lets hope they have a rein of epicness!
Its night right now -2 degrees - Tomorrow 15 Degrees.
Ahh - Well Regardless - Check this out.   I knew i read this somewhere. 
Eden Lake spooked me out, i've been there before and how they used it in the Movie kind of just gave me goosebumps because they didn't change anything
I remember having that - It tastes crazy sour right? Or is that another edition? - It was Epic.
Yeah - When you said Common sense it banged the nail on the head..Sometimes you forget that all that is being said is Common Sense which looked at it in another perspective but there is strategies as-well - Excellent book!
I was working...But got let off early during the day..It was all Winning!
I really suggest during this time.. Don't get caught up with the Economic low in the UK just yet - Work a few, you may not find the career you were seeking and These problems causes real problems!
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