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Machus holiday sale -   There's a few cool pieces in there in limited sizes.
This is the same question I have. Anyone able to weigh in? I wouldn't imagine so, but you never know.
20% off all gift cards at Unionmade.
 Snagged a monkey arm the second I saw the newsletter, stoked on this shirt. Trying to play catch up over here, looks like I missed lots of great shit in past months.
This has probably been asked and answered already, but I'm so out of touch with this thread and can't bring myself to scan through hundreds of pages. I'm just curious if there are any new long sleeve tees in the works? Still wearing the shit out of mine from last season, really hoping for more. Thanks guys.
Yes, it is still available, haven't bumped this thread in awhile. Sorry, I don't sign in here too often anymore. Send me a PM if you're still interested, I get email notifications for those.
Other than being incredibly wrinkly from never seeing the light of day, this shirt is a 10/10. My closet is seemingly 80% blue shirts, and I just need to part ways with the excess. This is a quality piece, personally prefer it over GBV, etc.
This would be best suited for an XS, and that's why I'm selling. Nice little henley for the price, but extremely slim. Never worn, only tried on. 10/10
Cotton-twill jacket from Folk. Easily worn as an overshirt as well. Purchased brand new from Mr Porter this winter. Worn to work <5 times. 10/10
Purchased brand new from Owen NYC. Wore it to work the first day I got it, and it has been hanging in the closet since. This unfortunately does not mesh well with the rest of my wardrobe, but it's a beautiful shirt. Typical Schneider sizing. 10/10 condition, this is pristine. Thanks.
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