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Yes, it is still available, haven't bumped this thread in awhile. Sorry, I don't sign in here too often anymore. Send me a PM if you're still interested, I get email notifications for those.
Other than being incredibly wrinkly from never seeing the light of day, this shirt is a 10/10. My closet is seemingly 80% blue shirts, and I just need to part ways with the excess. This is a quality piece, personally prefer it over GBV, etc.
This would be best suited for an XS, and that's why I'm selling. Nice little henley for the price, but extremely slim. Never worn, only tried on. 10/10
Cotton-twill jacket from Folk. Easily worn as an overshirt as well. Purchased brand new from Mr Porter this winter. Worn to work <5 times. 10/10
Purchased brand new from Owen NYC. Wore it to work the first day I got it, and it has been hanging in the closet since. This unfortunately does not mesh well with the rest of my wardrobe, but it's a beautiful shirt. Typical Schneider sizing. 10/10 condition, this is pristine. Thanks.
Purchased brand new, worn twice. The color just doesn't suit my wardrobe well. This thing is super comfy and has great texture. True to size for a small.   http://www.thewestisdead.com/products/spring-13-mens-crew-neck-sweatshirt-in-drab-green
If you're careful, you can get some pretty solid buys, but yeah I can go to Amazon and snag most of the shit on that site for similar prices. Not to mention shipments in these group buys often take ages to reach your doorstep. Edit: For the sake of getting us back on track here. Not sure how much attention you guys pay to Lyonstate, but there are still some solid pieces left. http://www.lyonstate.com/collections/sale WWM Expo cords for $100 in near all sizes...
I made a reply in reference to a previous post about them. Hell, my reply even basically said that I didn't realize they did group buys on clothes. Edit: took out a sentence, because there's no need for hostility. 
 They have all sorts of drops, but the deals are hit or miss based on participation. I buy a lot of my higher end audio gear and gadgets on Massdrop, never scoped out their clothing related buys. We might be able to initiate some sweet group buys if we put our heads together though, not sure.
If such a thing exists I'm going to be sad. Just placed my third order there within 3 days, and it seems like every time I grab something a better deal rolls along. Then again, I'm not going to complain about copping these for under $110 shipped - http://www.eastdane.com/sportsman-low-generic-man/vp/v=1/1503672691.htm - really wanted some new grey kicks, thanks for the heads up on the additional drops everyone.
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