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I work in a similar government office, where the norm during the summer sadly becomes shorts and a t-shirt. Some people have enough respect to wear dress pants and a buttondown shirt. And the higher-ups will occasionally toss on a tie. I wore a dark suit, white shirt and conservative tie to my interview and on my first day about 9 months ago (my interviewer was wearing a fleece and khakis). My second day, I wore a sportcoat and tie. I was greeted with a "why the suit?" by...
There are actually some federal court judges that have that same policy...
If it doesn't work, it doesn't work - just thought I'd give it a shot
 I find this to be an incredibly well-done entry to this challenge. I can understand how the shirt wouldn't qualify, but the coat and pants are clearly the same pattern - just different scales. No different than the triple herringbone.Am I alone in this thought?
Does this qualify? Windowpane sportcoat, and similar pattern on the shirt.
My first post in here. No real means by which to take a good fit pic. Just components. Details: Linen/wool tan SC from Samuelsohn Tie from Kent Wang BB shirt BB navy linen pants Timex Weekender watch on strap from the knottery (I'm big-timing it today!) Santoni Knox shoes Belt - don't know the maker - it's just my favorite belt Edit: The editor won't let me add more than 2 pics per post from my iPhone. And its acting up when I tried doing a second post (terrible...
Pretty much any shoes that you would wear with any other suit. Post some pics so we know your options
Sounds pretty terrible. But pictures are necessary to know for sure.
Look at ties like these: http://www.pantaclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=mac2 http://vandafineclothing.com/store/neckties/199-burgundy-with-blue-spots-in-silk-wool.html http://vandafineclothing.com/store/neckties/320-blue-orange-flowers.html http://www.kentwang.com/flower-blue-white.html While these are likely out of your price range, you should be able to find similar patterns on the discount tables at your local department store. You can eventually...
New Posts  All Forums: