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 Send this pic to Luxire with your measurements. They can recreate the shirt for you.
 This is clearly an orphaned suit jacket. Try returning it or selling it again on ebay to get some of your money back. Finding a matching pair of pants is going to be pretty much impossible, and it will never look right.
I think changing the buttons would be the right call. I would imagine it would be perfectly passable as a blazer. As always, pics would help to give you a definite yes/no.
 I'm honestly fine with either functioning or non-functioning sleeve buttons. I just don't like it when they try to look like functioning sleeve buttons.And are you saying that non-functioning sleeve buttons with fake buttonholes is a lovely thing? This makes no sense to me.
 First off, I got a great deal - paid only $200 for it. Secondly, I'm also thinking about it for alterations. It would be significantly cheaper if I could avoid having the sleeves taken up at the shoulders. Plus, I could have my tailor do the work for me if I feel uncomfortable using a seam ripper to do it myself.I'm more concerned with knowing whether any imperfections will be left behind where the stiching was. I'm not too concerned with the fact that its a Canali SC, I...
I just purchased a Canali sportcoat - and I only have one problem with it. It has those annoying non-functioning surgeon's cuffs. Has anyone had any exprerience getting rid of these? It seems as though it should be easy to just use a seam ripper to get rid of all of that extra stitching, but I wanted to check and see if there's any reason I should avoid doing this. Any thoughts?
 Please do not add this shop to the list. This guy has 7 posts, all of which are plugs for what, at first glance, appears to be a cheap online made-to-order shop. Let's keep some sort of integrity here.
 Meaning I should change the socks, or not wear any?
Shirt - Alexander Julian linen Pants- Brooks brothers linen Socks - Pantherella Shoes - Santoni Jason
  Looks like I live right down the road from you - any stores in the area that carry them? I've only seen them at Shaia's, and only in funky patterns.
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