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  Thank you for the replies.  I was expecting one full sized down for US to UK sizing for Crockett & Jones, but it's nice to have confirmation.  So far all my C&J shoes have been RL (Marlow, Lindrick, McCallum) in US sizes.
Good morning Gentlemen,   Apologies for the boring sizing question but how would the UK Pembroke sizes correlate to the US sized Marlows?   I wear at size 10D in both plain toe and wing tip Marlows.  I wear a 9.5D in the Lindrick.   What UK size Pembroke would correlate with the 10D US Marlow?   9E or 9.5E?   Thanks!
The shell Marlows were previously $850, I'm pretty sure.
Yes, I got the McCallums off eBay.  Remarkably, several used pairs showed up on eBay over that last few weeks.     First I bought a 9.5D pair - but they were way too tight - especially in the toes.  I'd always assumed that I'd need to size 1/2 down.  Luckily, the seller gave me a full refund due to some incorrect sizing info in the listing.  Then almost immediately I found this10D pair for sale.  They're a good fit, but not snug, and in almost new condition.  I love...
  Finally got a pair of McCallums to go with my Marlow PTBs and Lindricks, both of which I've had for a while.  I needed to go TTS on both PTB and chukka but sized 1/2 down on the boots.
"We just wanted to update you that your order from TheShoeMart   Canceled     Unfortunately, while our inventory originally showed that this item/size was available, it was actually already sold to another customer. We do apologize for the error and inconvenience. Thank you very much." Thanks to @halfnhalfnhalf for sharing the 9.5D list.  Supposedly the emails all go out at the same time, but I still haven't got them.  Last list, I got the mail 3-4 hours after...
Funny, I was somehow under the impression that PTB and wingtip were on different lasts.  I have the PTB in 10D and it fits me fine, comfortable not too snug.  And I have the Lindrick in 9.5D which fits about the same, not too snug although the vamp of the left boot is a little tight when I first put them on.  The fit is not that different between the two. I guess I always assumed that the wingtip boot and shoe were on the same last, but the PTB was on a different last....
Whiskey Wednesday.     I got these from Alden DC about a year and a half or two years ago.
Those Rider LWB are pretty amazing!  The almost look like vintage Hanovers.  Are these from eBay?
Actually the first model was in Camel suede, not Tan.
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